Big singers get little out of big contracts

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Interesting podcast (can’t remember who to h/t) on how celebutards are used by the media establishment and how little they may ultimately make.

Since their wealth is mostly an illusion, it’s no wonder they will sing and dance every time the money is offered.…

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3 thoughts on “Big singers get little out of big contracts

  1. Jack33

    FNM wanted it all but they couldn’t have it.
    It was right in their faces but they couldn’t grab it because the PTB have a stranglehold on the music industry -and they alone decide who’ll ‘make it’ and at what cost.
    The whole things rigged worse than a streetside shell game. I know because I’m a musician who once had delusion of grandeur. Back in the mid to late 90’s I helped run one of the premier concert venues in downtown Dallas. My roommate at the time was a DJ for the hottest radio station and one of my best friend worked for Capital EMI. Name an artist and I’ve probably rubbed shoulders with him/her at one time or another. **a cautionary note don’t share your coke with Mick Jones or Simon Le Bon**
    When I look back now, knowing what I now know, I can’t help but wonder how many of those acts were genuine musicians who’d made it on their own volition verses being manufactured and placed there.

  2. Blue Moon

    A long time friend of mine knew the members of the band Faith No More from the 90’s- They started strong with their first major label and sold scads of copies of their breakout album, The Real Thing- Thing is, the label paid each band member a $600 a week stipend while the band toured their ass off promoting the album- The revenue generated from this Grammy nominated album went into the cost of “promotion”, not into the band member’s pockets- Subsequent releases where the band got a bigger slice of the pie were not so heavily promoted and the band eventually petered out- They’ve since reformed, but there is no way they will get even a fraction of what the label paid them back when they were a big deal and getting ripped off- It’s no surprise, this one band’s story, but it illustrates one of the insidious ways the corporate masters exploit talent and pull the plug on support once the contract is more advantageous to the talent- It’s a subtle form of bloodsucking, eventually leaving the corpse to sputter out and die-

    1. el sushi de la mancha

      Interesting thoughts and clarification regarding FNM’s early career. I’ve been listening to their albums quite a lot and I now believe that their reunion has been justified by the fact that fans were begging for it and big festival organizers saw a nice cash opportunity, FNM fans generally coming from a wide range of different musical tastes (pop,pure rock, prog rock, metal, etc…). A friend of mine told me that they were paid something like 150,000euros to play at a major German metal festival back in 2010 or 2011. The Foo Fighters would generally get 1M$ to play at a major festival (if not MORE, Faith no MORE ,ha!). So FNM has to tour extensively in order to maintain their cash flow going, nothing new under the rotating-around-the-earth SUN>

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