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In our death culture satanic worship society, it appears that every other day a flag at a public building is flying at half mast. Heck, Rob Ford had flags all over Toronto at half staff for more than a week.

Driving by an RCMP installation, I noticed once more flags at half staff, and found this story.

My only sarcastic advice to people in public roles is this: if you have any occult numerology (9,11,32,33) surrounding you, please stay off the road around 3:30am.

Const. Sarah Beckett, 32, was travelling in a marked police car eastbound on Goldstream Road when it was struck by a pickup truck near the intersection of Peatt Road around 3:30 a.m. PT in the suburb of Langford, B.C.

Beckett, an 11-year member of the force who spent her entire career on Vancouver Island, is survived by her husband and two young children.

0;It was tough. She was lying there inside her vehicle looking pretty peaceful, but it was pretty obvious. It breaks my heart.… She looked like an absolute angel last night. There was no bruises or anything.” 

Police have not confirmed any of the details in Coon’s account of the crash.

If you are new to this site, please note that the power elite who want to keep us in a state of fear, keep us divided between any and all social or ethic divisions, code their stories with occult . This is masonfitti, used to communicate that the story is a hoax.

The general public has no idea they are being played, and react as if it’s real.

Here’s a good comment that may be real (remember comments are mainly flooded by the military as well to control thought), but worthy of a replay:


The pageantry .. is it really necessary? It’s certainly sad that this officer died in the way that it’s happened, and our hearts goes out to her family and friends. This is not about a like or dislike for anyone, any group, but it should be said .. police funerals are becoming ever more like circuses. Instead of a state ‘parade’ over this, I’m more inclined to think of her husband and family. They’re dealing with probably the worst imaginable tragedy of losing their wife/mom in a car accident, and all the while being subjected to this massive over-reach by a fully-amped police PR machine.

Not taking away from the sadness of Const. Beckett losing her life in this way; this genuinely, tragically sad. But it’s also sad that many people in our communities lose their lives. Good people who contribute in their own way to our lives and our society. Most of them don’t get called heroes. They don’t get virtual state funerals with marching bands, bugles and bagpipes. What other community member among all the other average Joe’s we talk to every day day get such a fawning reception from the media and public officials when they get hit by a truck?

This treatment of police as a separate class, almost a nobility, only serves to entrench the false concept of police and soldiers as a ‘class above’ the rest of us. A class deserving of more respect. We are all sorry to see the loss of ‘any’ among us, but this serves as another example of how these events are being showcased as a tool which actually separates us as opposed to bringing us together. Police funerals are becoming increasingly more a policy tool wielded by the political class and their proxies in the media. Ask yourself this question: “Did Robert Dziekanski deserve a less ceremonious farewell .. was he any less deserving?”

Finally, what is sadder – a real cop’s or any person’s tragic death, or hoaxing one and selling it as real? I say the latter. Shame on those that go along with these hoaxes to further their positions in life. I pray there is a final judgement, and I consider myself agnostic.



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