1 thought on “Gaslighting – Part 3

  1. fromabroad

    “PsyOps are all about psychology and mind f*cking. This is why no one will listen to fakeologists.”
    You obviously like this subject. Why would not you elaborate on it a bit more? What kind of psychology? Official psychology is all about making people feel powerless. Just reading about what some definitions mean makes one feel like there is absolutely nothing that can be done against such sophisticated, manipulative, and cruel creatures, as ‘sociopaths, narcissists’, whatever. As they are created by no less than Satan himself, they should be avoided at any costs…And why you say that no one listens? From experience: people do listen and they tend to question official version of major events a lot more than you picture. Just look at the whole number of different sites and organizations that tend to disagree with the official version of events in the USA on 9/11. Now, having said all of this, it is necessary to mention that there is a point to what you say. There are technical methods of subliminal suggestion that have been around for quite some time. And people in power do use them. For instance, they use hypnosis to make people believe what they say and not only just television programs, news, and simple manipulation. And these methods are a lot more difficult to detect, prove, and resist.

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