The Tiger Woods PsyOp

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Oh no! Not golf’s superhero, Tiger Woods!

One of MM’s best pieces.

Tiger Woods PsyOp

Favorite passages:

Anything can be fixed, and we have discovered that most things have been fixed, including the stock markets, the elections, the lotteries, the inter-banking rates, and so on and on. Not only that, but most of recent history has been faked in one way or another. Most of the things you thought happened didn’t happen at all. So why give Tiger the benefit of the doubt?

That conspiracy site I linked to above suggests Tiger was a mind-controlled slave. But I suggest you go in another direction. As usual, I don’t think we need mind-control to explain any of this. Also as usual, these conspiracy sites look like purposeful misdirection. They know that the only people coming to those sites are already suspicious and asking questions. So Intelligence creates these sites, manufacturing stories that are so weird even the most jaded readers can’t follow them. This has the effect of either driving those readers back to the safety of the mainstream story, or off the internet altogether. These readers go hide under the bed and hope the crazy pedophile Satanists won’t find them there. But I don’t recommend you do t

That is assuming the we are given are true, and I no longer assume that. It makes no sense that one golf tournament would have a purse of $10 million. There are 51 tournaments on the PGA Tour with an average purse of about $6 million, which comes out to over $300 million a year in total prize money. For playing golf. But since we have discovered the prices of paintings are faked by large margins, that most science is faked, that the stock market is faked, that the elections are faked, and that the bank numbers are faked, why should we believe what we are told about the PGA Tour? For myself, I assume they add at least one zero to all numbers. This probably goes back to Edward Bernays almost a century ago. Inflating all numbers makes these famous people seem very important and makes you seem very insignificant. As sold, they aren’t just twice as important as you or even ten times as important as you. They are 100,000 times more important than you, which keeps you from questioning anything they are doing. It keeps you quiet and in-line.

These people in golf are already from wealthy families. They don’t need the money. They could show up and play for room and board and still be filthy rich. Plus we are told they are paid to be signboards for the various big corporations, so they don’t need any prize money at all. Not that I believe the endorsement numbers, either. I don’t doubt they are paid something, but again, I subtract one or more zeroes from any number the mainstream feeds me.

Which brings us back to performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). This was part of the psy-op from the beginning. PEDs didn’t just accidentally take over all of . PEDs are now a multi-billion dollar industry, pushed on average guys and gals and weekend athletes. The percentage of males now taking them is astonishing, and a fair percentage of females are also taking them. Well, remember that these drugs are produced and sold by the same big companies that push all the other drugs on us now. These are some of the most evil companies in the world, and they are owned by the same billionaires and trillionaires that own everything else. As with porn, the government pretends to want to clean up sports, but it is all a show. They don’t want to clean up anything, not porn, not gambling, not prostitution, and especially not the drug market. They profit magnificently from all of them, and want to keep expanding the markets. Even the major scandals like that of Lance Armstrong only help them sell more PEDs, since the scandals prove to your average athletes that the drugs work.

All professional sports are just managed games, so it doesn’t really matter whether they are clean or not. Would it have mattered if professional wrestling had been clean in 1975? No, because it was a big fake. Well, you can say the same about all sports now. If you took all the drugs out of the sports, they would still be faked. That is, managed. Professional sports are a form of entertainment, and as such they can play by their own internal rules. There is no real oversight, because—as with everything else —there is no one left to regulate anything. The trillionaires who own everything also own the government, and they are not going to regulate themselves. So they do whatever they want. What they want to do at this point in history is fool you into buying as much of their worthless shit as they can, and that includes PEDs, fabulously overpriced sports equipment, exorbitant green fees, bloated cable packages, and a raft of other products, cures, surgeries, and therapies.

I am not saying that sports are totally faked. In other words, in golf they aren’t manipulating ball flights with camera tricks or something (as far as I know). That would require paying off on-site galleries, or hiring them, and I don’t imagine that is happening. No, these guys on Tour can play golf extremely well, and in some cases we may be seeing natural outcomes. But since all sports are managed for maximum profit (and maximum propaganda delivery), many outcomes are not natural. They are scripted. As I said, it doesn’t take much to script a golf tournament, since you only have to script the top few finishers. It doesn’t matter who loses or by how much, so everything below 2nd place can be unscripted. Which means you only need to be in control of the top five guys each week, and maybe the top 10 or 20 in the country. Almost no one else has a look-in. This is even more true in tennis, where the same people win almost every week. In golf, the field is actually somewhat broader than in most sports, but to counteract that, the field is narrower in another way: almost without exception, these guys are from rich Republican families, families that are already the country. As such, they are pretty easy to buy off, as long as they get theirs in some way. Most of them don’t want to be Tiger Woods, since they don’t have the stamina or the acting chops to pull it off. They just want to be seen looking snazzy on TV and making an easy paycheck. What was another goal of the Tiger project? To promote Buddhism. Tiger was always sold as a Buddhist, although we got no real evidence of it. Why is this important? Because it ties the Tiger project back to the Theosophy project of a century earlier. One of the goals of that project was to import a bastardized and watered-down Buddhism into the US, in order to weaken Christianity. The Industrialists have been trying to destroy all religions worldwide for many centuries, but of course in the US the primary target is Christianity. Religion stands in the way of free trade, you know, as well as usury and other corruption.

Destroying the family and the male-female relationship is incredibly profitable across the board, because it requires compensatory acts of a thousand varieties, and all these acts cost money. As I said, men and women who get along can gratify one another directly for free. They can entertain themselves. But once that is gone, it has to be replaced by other forms of entertainment—which aren’t free. In the same way, the family is self-supporting and self-entertaining as well, or once was. It used to be able to grow its own food, cook its own meals, and make up its own games and exercise. No more. Now all of these things have to be purchased. And since the purchased replacements aren’t as natural or satisfying as the originals, everyone is left hungry even after being “entertained”. To fill this void requires a thousand other stop-gaps, including therapy, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, garbage snack food, candy, porn, and body alteration. All these have also become multi-billion-dollar businesses. So your misery is no accident. It has been caused on purpose. Your entire world has been manufactured to push you into unnecessary purchases and actions. This, while at the same time all your necessary actions have been prevented. All the things you should be doing you aren’t doing, and this is just as your controllers want it.

In other words, these front-page stories like Tiger’s divorce were created so that they didn’t have to put real news on the front page. The same can be said for all of sports, which are basically a diversion from real events. They want you following sports and Hollywood rather than paying attention to their grand thefts from the treasury. Tiger’s entire career has been a diversion of that sort, and so has every other “major story” of the past century. The press does not exist to report real events, you know, it exists to divert you away from real events at all costs. Tiger’s rise in 1997 was exactly the same sort of diversion. Princess Diana’s death was faked that summer, the North Hollywood Shootout was faked in February, the fake Tim McVeigh trials were that year, Gianni Versace’s death was faked, Harry Potter hit the shelves, and the faked Lewinsky Scandal was scheduled for 1998. Every year has to have its share of huge faked and managed events, to drown out all real and important events.


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11 thoughts on “The Tiger Woods PsyOp

  1. Blue Moon

    Here’s an E-mail I sent to Miles today-
    Miles Mathis-
    Interesting paper on Tiger Woods- Thanks again for such good research- I recall when Tiger fell, Obama was still riding the wave of victory and many people around here (Frisco) were nervous about the implied association of two black men succeeding in a white man’s monopolized game and then one of them being shown the door in such a humiliating fashion- Though perhaps superficial, Wood’s humiliation might have also served as a deliberate palliative to the GOP base, reinvigorating their prejudices and deepening the divide even further-
    Here in the Bay Area, we are smothered by the hype surrounding the incomprehensible success of the SF Giants, the obvious malfeasance of the Oakland A’s, the record setting Warriors and their astonishing lack of foul trouble or major injuries, and the ongoing melodrama of the 49’ers and Raiders- Like an old dog refusing to leave his master’s grave, I could not allow myself to include baseball in the sham (I lived and played for baseball right into college before I too realized I didn’t have the proper attitude)- But after watching the Red Sox in the Boston Strong season of ’13, when two vastly superior teams, the Tigers and Cardinals, laid down for the Red Sox to win, I threw in the towel- I suspect right now, the most common tool for controlling a baseball season is the use of the disabled list- I would not be surprised to find that the owners (an old boy network if there ever was one, and largely Jewish if you are keeping that score) use the stat-heads to determine who should play and when in order to have the season turn in the direction they want- A wide variety of stated injuries and their remedies are available for public discussion so the seemingly plausible excuses are already there to pull players off of rosters with some “injury” when needed to steer a team out of the way of a favored team- It’s so much easier to maintain rosters than tweak single games, in my view (Though the San Antonio Spurs look like the easiest team to persuade to shave points, sit veterans, punt a playoff series- Their long term success is perfect cover- You can’t use a bad team to generate particular outcomes)
    One other thing- Is it possible to literally control the ball? I mean, can a golf ball be constructed to receive a transmission and, like a guided missile, find the hole, or at least within a short putt? Probably not, but I wonder if a basketball could- Watching the Warriors make all those threes makes me wonder if those electrified backboards are communicating with something in the ball itself- Baseballs and bats have been fucked with organically since Abner Doubleday’s mythical creation first came alive (as well as ballparks and arenas), so I’m sure guided balls in all sports are at least pondered in theory if not actually being used on occasion-

    1. Blue Moon

      BTW- Miles responded with a short retort: “I don’t think the balls are remote controlled.”

        1. Blue Moon

          Ab- He usually does respond, but with one/two sentence answers- We had a short back and forth about Hitler research and I think he was worried I was suggesting a collaboration, which I was not- He vibes as edgy and short on patience but he will answer specific questions to topics he has knowledge of-

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Mmm, that’s what I had wondered about this one. The Nike logo hanging there…just maybe it was remote controlled.

        The final day pin position on the 16th at Augusta invites this type of shot but could you guide a downhill putt like this possibly ? Help it further ?

        1. Tom Dalpra

          Get the ball rolling in the right area then hand over to remote control ? Maybe ?
          This was another showpiece hole on a final day.

          I ask the question but I’ve seen plenty of real sporting brilliance from inspired athletes at the top of their game and this could be that. It was just that Woods was being talked about along with remote controlled balls and these two classics always struck me as uncanny, whatever.

          1. stephen

            Saved this till when I had something to say, which seems to be now, so here it is, “Quick Look at the Sphero Remote Control Ball”:

    2. Hare Brain

      What about Barry Bonds? Why did they end his career when he was so close to 800 home runs, 3000 hits and 2000 RBIs. Why let certain people do all the PEDS they want, and then suddenly put a stop to it. Why do that to Lance Armstrong?

      1. Blue Moon

        HB- Having watched Bonds from the front row here in Frisco over the years, everyone who met him told me basically the same thing: He’s a royal jerk- MLB goes way out of its way to distract people from its racist past, so letting Bonds break the HR record was something they just had to let happen- As soon as he had done that, his option wasn’t picked up and the owners were for once in alignment in turning their backs on him- He’s being rehabilitated in Miami as their hitting coach, but that’s about all he’ll ever get- I seriously doubt the Giants will ever take him on as a coach-
        As for Armstrong, he made the Tour important to Americans, so what could one expect- Too much money to be made with one American guy (with a cartoon character’s name) towering over everyone else- As it turned out, many cyclists were juicing so it does seem a bit hypocritical, but Armstrong was the guy to take the fall for the sport, just like Bonds-

  2. Hare Brain

    He doesn’t offer a lot of good reasons for his Fall From Grace being scripted. I agree that pro sports is looking more cartoony and bizarre – Kobe scoring 60 points in his final game was certainly strange, but Tiger was golf’s biggest hero, and then to totally trash him makes no sense from a screenwriter’s perspective. Tiger made golf a lot more popular, which means golf made a lot more money and became mainstream and less of a joke, so why kill the cash cow? And why trash Tiger and not Michael Jordan, or Derek Jeter.

    There’s the argument that they need to manufacture trashy news stories to distract you from the Important News Stories. But the Important News Stories are often way too complicated and boring for the average person, they wouldn’t care about that kind of stuff anyway. There’s so much sex, cheating, lying and bad behavior in the “real” world, I don’t think there’s any reason to manufacture a trashy news story.

    If they want to destroy the male-female relationship, all you have to do is create alimony and easy divorces, a way for people to easily cheat (like the internet, Tinder), promote atheism, and voila, you have an environment where relationships are unstable and destructive. You don’t need to create a story about a super golfer who then bangs porn stars to destabilize healthy families.


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