FAK155-Jonathan Isbit

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When? Sunday, April 17, 2016, 7:00pm

Who? Jonathan Isbit

Based on my post here at moreab.



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15 thoughts on “FAK155-Jonathan Isbit

  1. John le Bon

    I just realised that I never posted a comment on this call. Let me offer a belated ‘well done’, Ab. I remember this call so well that I even recall which part of Brisbane I was walking around in when I first listened to it.

    This interview with Isbit was brought up by Negentropic in the comment thread of a recent video/post of mine explaining where I am currently staying in Thailand as of Feb/Mar 2019:


    As interesting as the Hoaxes and Media Fakery may be, these kinds of conversations about health are, in my opinion, oftentimes more valuable to those who are here because we want to improve our lives.

    Sadly I never put in the effort to install the necessary equipment to give the squatty potty thing a trial of my own. Not to make excuses, but I have always lived in shared accommodation, on a short-term basis, so it is a little bit more tricky for me to do so than for somebody who owns (or rents) a house of their own.

    Well now I am in South East Asia for a while, so it is only a matter of time until I can give the squatty potty thing a go for myself. I fully expect it to feel (and be) more healthful than western-style seated toilets. It makes sense, for all of the reasons explained by yourself and your guest in this call.

    Cheers bro.

    1. ab Post author

      Thank you for the great comment. We have much mutual respect JLB. Good luck in your adventure. I wonder if Victoria’s throne has invaded Thailand as it has in China? For the record, I recommend and own a Lillipad, as the squatty potty is a distant second in posture control. Good luck again and stay away from the ladyboys.

  2. anounceofsaltperday

    Great discussion… my reticular activation system had all its buttons pressed when Tim made a comment to the effect that the Creator might actually be…

    The Creator….

      1. anounceofsaltperday

        Only when I use one of those toilets usually in Japan or China. I did check my technique after listening to the audio and had no problems.

        Reflecting upon your show, I think buying a chamber pot makes the most sense. Apart from all of the stuff you talk about, it also provides the opportunity to use this valuable material as fertiliser… provided some sensible digesting system can be sorted out.

        The RAS is a marketing phrase from the eighties that describes the phenomena of how often you will notice something after your attention has been drawn to it. For example, if you are playing “spotto” in your car with your children, then the number of red Ford cars that you notice really surprises one.

  3. xtort

    Surprised she hasn’t been suggested before. Dr. Jennifer Daniels is amazing and probably could be called the fakeologist of the Medical Industry. She is smart enough and experienced enough to generalize for most interviews, since being too specific would probably be too much for most people to accept, but she goes into shocking detail in her pod-casts. It may take a few listens to her pod-casts before what she says begins to sink in, and even the most experienced fakery veteran would probably be shocked. The fact that she has Ivy-league medical credentials (MD and MBA) and years of experience as a General Practitioner makes it difficult if not impossible to dismiss her info as “fringe medicine” or “quackery”. She also backs up everything with published facts from the Medical Profession itself.

  4. Master of None

    Ab, Pkease interview Dr. Jennifer Daniels and learn about the very dirty, unethical, diabolical, greedy, you get my meaning FDA, licensure, medical school indoctrination, pharmaceutical, insurance company dealings. She is fantastic and lived the nightmare first hand. See her on YouTube or listen to her podcasts at www.VitalityCapsules.com. It will wake up the sleepiest mind, if only they’d hear it.

  5. anounceofsaltperday

    Tim your raising of this topic provides an archetypal demonstration of the way the longlivers operate. Now that Japan is no longer required to be centre of highly technical mass production, they can now shut the place down… convince them to use less salt to weaken their acid/base system, have them eat soy so that the men get oestrogen overload, convince them that the sea is poison so that they have less iodine rich seaweed, mess up the Yen, convince women to dislike men and now mangle their intestinal track by making sure that squatting toilets are removed and replaced with crappers.


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