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Virus fakery: consensus reality

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How peer pressure and self preservation can keep honest men silent. Simply put, evil flourishes when good men keep quiet.

Exposing this fact would go far beyond the usual definition of a scandal. The result would be a volcanic eruption, if, say, a dozen respected virologists told the truth. After we finished our conversation, I understood something about consensus reality. It contains elements about which people can argue in public—but then there are other elements which are completely out of bounds, which can never be refuted in a mainstream setting. Why? Because if certain lies are exposed, they initiate a contagion of dou

Source: Virus fakery: my conversation with a White House insider « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

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Not too much bugging

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I completely disagree with DGB’s central thesis that too totally different people are the same actors, but if you take out that part, he made some sense in the legality of lying through the media in this interview.

Recently, it came up on the Humble and Fred show that ears and noses keep growing your entire life, due to the fact that they’re made of cartilage.

This, in one fell swoop, seems to completely negate DGB’s thesis that ears can be used as identification.

BTW, here’s Humble’s newly disproportionate ear:


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Can you see the Holy See?

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Here’s something I’ll bet you never knew and almost 99.9% of the population doesn’t either.

Start here to learn of the Holy See.

Dennis Savoie has been chosen as Canada’s new ambassador to the Holy See.
Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird named Savoie among a number of diplomatic appointments made Aug. 1. The new ambassador had most recently been serving as second in command of the Knights of Columbus at its international headquarters in New Haven, Conn. As Deputy Supreme Knight working closely with Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, Savoie also advised the Knights on Canadian affairs.

… And the flipside is

Apostolic Nunciature in Ottawa

The Apostolic Nunciature in Ottawa is the home of the Papal Nuncio to Canada. Also known as Rockcliffe Manor House, it is one of Ottawa’s most expensive homes, appraised at $16,790,500 in 2014. The building sits atop a cliff looking down to the Ottawa River.

Roman Catholic Church Hierarchy

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