Not too much bugging

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I completely disagree with DGB’s central thesis that too totally different people are the same actors, but if you take out that part, he made some sense in the legality of lying through the media in this interview.

Recently, it came up on the Humble and Fred show that ears and noses keep growing your entire life, due to the fact that they’re made of cartilage.

This, in one fell swoop, seems to completely negate DGB’s thesis that ears can be used as identification.

BTW, here’s Humble’s newly disproportionate ear:…

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3 thoughts on “Not too much bugging

      1. anounceofsaltperday

        So which bits did you think were BS Ab? You don’t think the role of Hilary is being played by the sister of one of the other candidates?

        You don’t this Kaiser Wilhelm was a factor?

        I think he is more accurate than an “atomic” clock

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