Virus fakery: consensus reality

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How peer pressure and self preservation can keep honest men silent. Simply put, evil flourishes when good men keep quiet.

Exposing this fact would go far beyond the usual definition of a scandal. The result would be a volcanic eruption, if, say, a dozen respected virologists told the truth. After we finished our conversation, I understood something about consensus reality. It contains elements about which people can argue in public—but then there are other elements which are completely out of bounds, which can never be refuted in a mainstream setting. Why? Because if certain lies are exposed, they initiate a contagion of dou

Source: Virus fakery: my conversation with a White House insider « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

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6 thoughts on “Virus fakery: consensus reality

  1. Barbara Mueller

    why has an “investigative” “reporter” a name like “rappoport”, which sounds like stuttering the word report? I’m serious here. I always had my doubts concerning this Jon Ropport. This paper is a good example why I was right. If he was really investigating the virus issue, he had to came to the conclusion that all about contagion, infections and viruses is nothing but lies. Instead he’s suggesting here HIV is real, viruses are real and just HIV is not caused by a virus. The same thing did Ace Baker back then suggesting, there weren’t any airplanes hitting WTC. Ropport is as fake as Ace Baker was.

      1. Barbara Mueller

        every sickness is caused by either a shock of some sort, a poison (like every medicine is) or simply by deficiency which usually is the consequence of malnutrition. Herpes has a very strong psychosomatic component. I bet you had this cold sore on your lip before on exactly the same place. It’s because the skin is already weakened there. It sometimes starts to feel itchy and if you’re then scared of getting another cold sore you’ll probably get one. The feeling part comes from circumstances. You may have had lip contact with something you find disgusting, maybe you kissed the wrong person (or animal), simply something made you feel unclean and this was the beginning. If you can control your feelings and suppress the disgust when it started to feel itchy, you won’t get any cold sore anymore. Today people usually sometimes feel bad, they go to a doctor got prescriptions, start to consume some medicine and then they really get sick. If you feel bad, have some fever when it’s cold out there, just stay home, get some rest. Don’t go to a doctor, don’t take any chemical medicine, except for natural things like herbs or minerals, don’t fear to get sick and you’ll heal yourself very fast. Doctor’s interest is not in healing you but in keeping you sick as long as possible. That’s how they make their livings. They live a lie and they know it. that’s why doctors have the highest suicide rate of all professions (followed by lawyers). Check it.

        1. Hare Brain

          I had one previous cold sore on a different place on my lip, not sure if I had another before that. At the time I started going to some school I didn’t like, so maybe that caused the cold sore. With this new cold sore, I was doing an apple cider vinegar rinse in the shower and that can be very irritating, so that might have caused the cold sore.

          What about fungal infections? Aren’t some types contagious? What about candida?

          I don’t go to doctors or dentists. I’m quite afraid of them. I have sorta given up on herbs and alt medicine stuff, none of that stuff has ever really helped me.

          1. Barbara Mueller

            sounds like you don’t have a very healthy live. Just stop doing all those things and start eating properly, take a shower every day but don’t overdue with soap and don’t use vinegar that way. Bad hygiene is the cause of fungal infections including candida. There is no contagion, otherwise all doctors would always be sick. What you definitely need is some sort of balance in your life. You have to find a way. Avoid any form of stress. It’s something nobody can help you with. It’s in your mind and you can switch it off like a click if you really want. If your “body and soul” is constantly in an unbalanced state, all the bacterias and microorganisms our cells are build from cannot teamwork properly and that’s why you’ll have all those “infections”. Chinese medicine is all about this balance of body and soul thing. And it really works in comparison to the western medicine, which always “fights” something. It fights sickness, fights the fever, fights the pain, fights bacteria. Bacterias are not our enemies but friends and we should never disturb them with any antibiotics. Find your balance, switch off the stress in your life and you’ll not get sick anymore.

            1. Hare Brain

              Yes, I’m very unhealthy. I don’t get the usual colds or flus, but I have food allergies and candida symptoms. I do ok if I follow a strict antifungal diet, but I can’t stop eating the addictive carbs! I believe the only good diets are extreme, and I’m not sure if there is such a thing as a good moderate diet. I think low or zero-carb paleo is ok, and raw vegan might be good – basically anything that starves the funguses. Sugar is basically evil, but is that an extreme view? I’m thinking all foods are basically bad. There are people who eat all sorts of crap, and they seem ok, and people who seem to do all the right things, but they’re horribly sick. How can young people eat junk food and yet they’re much healthier than old people who watch their diet.

              I think I feel the most stress during sleep and dreaming. Dreams are extremely stressful, isn’t that the point of dreams? It’s tough to be stress-free when you have to work and you’re around awful people all day long.

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