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      1. rickpotvin

        I hadn’t thought of that before a few days ago, then came here to see if anyone had thought about it. So this idea that the One World Trade Center is hollow, as well, is a rare idea to find on the internet even now in March 2017. The earliest reference to this possibility I find on Fakologist so far is here…
        Hollow towers | Fakeologist.com
        If you believe the old towers were (somewhat or totally) hollow, then I suppose it’s not a big stretch to … This entry was posted in 9/11 on April 19, 2016 by ab.

        Other references to this possibility are….

        1. Nov. 4, 2014 quote “One World Trade Center has been an especially strange structure in recent years, as it’s been mostly finished yet still hollow and empty.”. www.opposingviews.com/i/societ…

        2. Sept. 7, 2016. quote “Only few floors are open to public and  you can go there with a dedicated entrance and, with a dedicated as well elevator you can go up until the 102nd  floor and the One World Observatory Deck.” www.alynopanic.com/en/2016/09/…

        3. Current Leasing information says quote “Column free from core to window” alluding to the same construction as the previous WTC I and II. www.onewtc.com/leasing

        There’s an old saying– Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on ME. And so we see them build ANOTHER hollow tower. We might be able to extrapolate this line of thought and consider the idea that MANY of the world’s so called sky-scrapers are nothing but radio mast towers that are supported with a “hollow building facade” instead of guy-wires– the standard method of holding up radio mast towers in the past. I think that THAT thought (by me, Rick Potvin for the search engines to find) might be new!

        SEARCH : many world’s skyscrapers are hollow
        RESULTS: Modern skyscrapers often have a tubular structure, and are designed to act like a hollow cylinder to resist lateral loads (wind, seismic, etc.)

        Skyscrapers: How vast chunks of the world’s tallest buildings are …
        www.dailymail.co.uk/…/Skyscrapers-How-vast-chunks-worlds-tallest- buildings-useless-vanity-floors.html?

        Ponte Tower, Johannesburg: Inside the world’s scariest skyscraper …
        Aug 15, 2016 … Like the rest of central Johannesburg, once shunned by many of the city’s … Stapled like a doughnut, its hollow core used to contain a .

        RICK says… For further consideration of the mega-hoax of “skyscrapers” as nothing but radio-towers with observation decks and phoney false-front buildings, consider the images of….

        ….air traffic control towers and imagine false extensions to flesh them out making them appear to be office towers…

        ….radio mast towers with guywires….

        …the CN tower–

        The WTC I / II and the One WTC… are nothing BUT radio communication towers (according to the hollow twin towers idea) — and so are many “office buildings” with “tubular construction”.

        how to build a radio tower

        building facade + radio tower

        skyscraper facade + radio tower

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