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Paul/Faul twins

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Miles tries to clear things up, but does more muddying of the waters for me.

Actually, I had help on this one. “A friend from Colorado”, as he wishes to be called, did some of the initial research on this, and did a great job. I was busy with other papers, and wasn’t as interested in this subject as he was, so I gave him the hint and sent him off to look for clues and photos. As he said to me, “It wasn’t as hard as I thought. As you have told us, the truth is hiding in plain sight”.

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Hotdog creator on the power structure

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I could never find a good html editor – and I did try Hotdog. Interesting guy interviewed on Gnostic Media.

Who the hell are “Burners,” anyway? | Burning Man Journal

Steve Outtrim – Silicon Valley’s Secret Weapon: The Shadow History of Burners Pt1 – YouTube

Episode 247: Steve Outtrim joins us to discuss his recent research into Silicon Valley and Burning Man, titled: “Silicon Valley’s Secret Weapon: The Shadow History of Burners Pt1” Steve Outtrim is a technology entrepreneur from New Zealand, who now lives in San Francisco. He created the HotDog Web Editor, which was named as the 3rd most downloaded software on the Internet by WIRED in 1997. He IPO’d his company Sausage Software in Australia in 1996, making him at age 23 the youngest CEO of a publ

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