Paul/Faul twins

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Miles tries to clear things up, but does more muddying of the waters for me.

Actually, I had help on this one. “A friend from Colorado”, as he wishes to be called, did some of the initial research on this, and did a great job. I was busy with other papers, and wasn’t as interested in this subject as he was, so I gave him the hint and sent him off to look for clues and photos. As he said to me, “It wasn’t as hard as I thought. As you have told us, the truth is hiding in plain sight”.

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15 thoughts on “Paul/Faul twins

  1. richard benedict

    In my inaugural post at Dave McGowan’s Facebook page, as the repartee slipped from Paul McCartney Is Dead (PID) into the broader field of the intelligence services vis a vis the entertainment industry and mind control, I quickly learned McGowan lacked the critical acumen {keeness and depth of perception} for such weightier matters and politely informed he was in over his head, whereby he promptly exhibited a tolerance break and banned me from his site {for the first time ;)} while excoriating me in the most vilest of terms.

    @Hare Brain, in the material below, if the reader can not recognize the symbolic language, if the reader can not understand on an advanced OCCULT level, the deeper esoteric meaning of what is staring at them right in the face e.g. the proffered glass, the 2 faced masks in Lennon’s band [which have nothing whatsoever to do with the song] then I shall endeavor to disagree without being disagreeable and politely tell people who do not understand why certain celebrities are replaced to leave the subject alone, as they would be in over their heads.

    2 different Lennons

    Pictured below is Maxim Leonidov, the front man for the Russian band
    Sekret (Russian: ??????, lit.: Secret) was a Soviet Russian rock and roll band founded in 1982 in Leningrad. The band’s musical style and image drawn a heavy inspiration from 1950’s and 1960’s western music, The Beatles in particular. The band’s name was inspired by the Beatles song ‘Do You Want to Know a Secret?’.…

    1. richard benedict

      Here is a example of a girl who was subsequently replaced with a boy, as a gender bending experiment in the Russian music industry.

      The same praxis is at work in this celebrity replacement as in the above example.

      Here is the original performer: The song is called “If you wish”, it is about love, and the video sequence has literally NOTHING to do with the lyrics.

      In interviews this artist used to say that people who make videos for her songs make all the decisions about the video sequence all by themselves, without even discussing it with her, and she saw the final product after it was 100% ready.

      The picture I attached below is from Zemfira’s last album cover before she was replaced.

      This is how they celebrated her replacement – the double (a boy posing as a girl) singing with Queen on MTV. Very indicative “Hey Jude – like” song. “They” are the champions.

      The video below shows that the replacement of this Russian female rock star was a very significant project even on the international scale. There’s no “local” things for them, they view all countries as their playground, no matter east or west.

  2. Blue Moon

    Here’s another email I sent to Miles:
    Miles Mathis-
    Your Elvis paper was fun to pass around to the incredulous as I never cared much for that character, but Paul was at one time a very big deal to me and my friends so it was rather startling to read your analysis- My first reaction was “No, not Paul, too!” But, given that history and its stars are largely bullshit, why not? I need the music, not the Bozos who made it-

    It’s interesting to find that McGear moves into show biz as the Beatles start to break in Britain- Given he was an apprentice hairdresser at the time, according to Wickedpedia, the fumes of Jay Sebring and Tex Watson hang in the air- With a twin to explain away as a younger brother just as Paul gets famous, this McGear, a flamboyant wit, was probably spotted by one of the gay talent scouts the spooks employ to find willing lifetime actors- (This may be too sweeping a comment, but MI6 et al are probably all gay, the way the CIA is largely turning Mormon- The circumstances and attitudes of certain groups make lifelong deceit a stabilizing agent in otherwise confused or paranoid individuals- Certainly at the time, male homosexuality was a serious crime in Britain and being a gay spook gave you protection and a sense of community, a condition far more efficient than using the overstated blackmail option- The likelihood of a stud like James Bond existing in that milieu is nil- I digress…)

    Mike’s first first name is Peter, as in Peter and Paul, classic twin praenomina (Though Paul is actually James first- My father was William Michael but was known as Mike to his twin sister Pat… I digress…) As for dominant hand clues, Lennon was once asked if Ringo was the best drummer in Rock to which he famously quipped: He’s not even the best drummer in the Beatles- That honor, of sorts, fell to Paul who apparently displays some form of ambidextrousness on the drums in the recording Back in the USSR- I don’t know from drumming, but needing a pair of fast hands is axiomatic- Perhaps the Mike character was ambidextrous and therefore the more versatile musician once the performing phase came to an end in ’66- The Cute One did not need to do more than pluck his port side Hofner bass while the piano player emerges in the studio years- In fact, I seem to recall Paul telling a reporter at a press conference for Revolver’s release that he was taking piano lessons to expand his options- Nice cover story there-

    A last digression: I do clearly recall Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin telling interviewer JJ Jackson during the promotion of the Physical Graffiti album that bassist John Paul Jones had polished up his keyboard skills for the recording sessions- A twice told tale to promote what the Beatles handlers started, that members of super groups write their own songs and play their own instruments- This was a key component in selling this kind of discordant music to star struck kids like me- It was “handmade” by the guys themselves- Therefore, despite lyrics like “I’d rather see you dead little girl than to be with another man” it was “authentic” and therefore had integrity- Ha!


  3. richard benedict

    Dear Miles Mathis*

    I was real proud of you and how, after I pointed out your ridiculous assertion that Sharon Tate was really Debra Tate and your equally ridiculous assertion that Nicole Brown Simpson was really Denise Brown disqualified you from the realm of serious researchers, you managed to turn it around and write several cogent essays on cultural fakery sans any fantastical disinfo elements. You did good.

    Nevertheless, I am disappointed at this anemic, transparently false, puerile disinfo effort regarding the Faul McCartney / PID.


    I am reminded of July, 2014 when the vaunted Dave McGowan personally invited me back to his Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon Facebook page after I had informed him I was tired of his act. McGowan asked me to post my answer to a list of specific Paul is Dead {PID} questions. After I posted my response, I was promptly attacked by a family friend of Sir Paul McCartney, who appeared out of nowhere, much to the merriment of the McGowan faithful.

    What you and I both know is that the woman who attacked me is part of the EMI/Martin-Apple Machine/ cash cow tasked with maintaining this scam. Sadly, you have tipped your hand as being part of this military media, culture creation, PSYOPing nether world that delights in controlling our destiny.

    Remember Miles, I am one of an elite group of international researchers who track this scam @


    Richard Benedict

    P.S. Miles, the image I have attached is of the original George Harrison and one of his doubles. They are not twins, you miserable cur.

    * “Mile Mathis” is an Internet nom de plume created for entertainment purposes only.

      1. richard benedict

        I shall, Jack33.

        Meanwhile, please enjoy a pair of videos from 1981 and 1986 of two different actors playing the role of “George Harrison”, a real life Liverpudilian, who vanished circa 1964 with 3 of his fellow band mates.

          1. richard benedict

            @Ab, I do not know how to find the facebook page so if any one is able to post the link I would be grateful.

            The thread you mention, is it the one you linked above re: Lennon? If so, people may find this one equally edifying.


            1. tomdalpra

              Richard Benedict said – ‘If so, people may find this one equally edifying.’

              edifying – – providing moral or intellectual instruction.
              – used to express one’s disapproval of something.

              Well, the intellectual instruction I am provided with in this case is that this claim is baseless. Both photo comparisons look like the same person photographed at different times. There is no evidence here.

              People photographed at different times of their lives from different angles and with different equipment can look very different.


              Edifying ? My arse, they look like the same person.

              The letter to Miles reads as disinformation speaking to disinformation, to me.

              1. richard benedict

                *Richard Benedict is an Internet moniker to be used for entertainment purposes only.

              2. Blue Moon

                Tom, pour yourself three fingers of Jameson’s and thus embolden, head to the nearest Starbuck’s and crack wise with the cutest barista in the joint- The petty concerns of the Fakeologists will evaporate instantly, I guarantee it-

          2. Jack33

            It’s a shame I’ll never get to see that, as I’ve never once been on Facebook -a feat I’m profoundly proud of.


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