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The persona Bowie exits to little or no fan fare, and now Mr. No Symbol cancels his persona. Will people care even less?

These celebutard exits are getting pedestrian. Note how the story is 0;broken” by TMZ, who are accountable to no one for their lying ways.

Pop superstar Prince, widely acclaimed as one of the most inventive and influential musicians of his era with hits including “Little Red Corvette,” ”Let’s Go Crazy” and “When Doves Cry,” was found dead at his home on Thursday in suburban Minneapolis, according to his publicist. He was 57.

weighs in:

Seems like more are interested in Prince than Bowie:

13 thoughts on “Now Prince

  1. farcevalue

    As a former performer i can say this speaking from personal experience (and I am sure my experience performing is as a skateboard is to a Lear Jet to Prince’s experience performing), there is NOTHING i have ever done before or since that has inspired more joy and a feeling of being in the moment and alive than being on stage with a good band and an involved audience.

    I quit doing it because I never achieved a level of success that allowed the balance to tip in favor of the inspired and away from the mundane: inconsistent scheduling, carting around and setting up tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment to make a hundred and change, playing in bars, relying on a merry go round of temperamental and often incompetent musicians.

    These celebrities performers have none of those worries, they probably live more of their lives in the “flow” state than in any other.

    There may be other problems related to being a performer on that level that I have no way of knowing about, but walking away from performing under those circumstances is nothing any one of them would take lightly and it is probable that it would be akin to losing an appendage.

    A touring grade audio rig can start at a quarter of a million dollars and require a tractor trailer to move and a dozen people to assemble. It is expected that every aspect of it will be tuned to the performer’s specifications and is simply not a consideration for them. Same goes for instruments and any of the other mundane distractions that plague all of us on a day to day basis. They are allowed to slip instantly into the right brain “flow” state under the best possible circumstances and experience that for as long as they are able to sell tickets.

    Of course, that could all just become another day at the office for them and they may be sick and tired of it by the time they walk away through a fake death or general obscurity. But fwiw, Air Supply has been at a local casino twice in the last year, so at least some of them are not so willing to let go.

    He could very well be alive, but I am sure any opportunity to see Prince perform expired two days ago, along with the persona at least. I would surely like to know what musicians who fake their deaths do for an alternative experience to doing the greatest fucking thing ever.

    1. ab Post author

      When the Satanists who own the music/culture creation industry place their bets to elevate (one of their own creations) an artist, there is no doubt the artist must sign over control of their entity. Like an inventor who almost always loses control over his invention, the singer must stand by and watch his handlers decide the fate of his persona.

      Whether Prince enjoyed singing or not (everything gets boring eventually), the time to flip from light to dark is simply a corporate decision.

      1. farcevalue

        I am unable to make an assertion either way. I am not sure how productive it is, though to make the claim that every time a celebrity death is reported that it is a relocation from the public eye event.

        Maybe there is someone here who has done more research than I have (i.e. looking at Russianvids couple of clips that offer no evidence whatsoever) and could walk me through what they are relying upon as evidence that this individual is still alive.

        I have no evidence that he is dead, mind you, as I do not consider news reports evidence.

        But what evidence can we use to make a compelling assertion that he is alive?

      2. Nemesis

        Not every artist in the entertainment industry has to be a creation.

        Is it not hard to understand that there are genuinely talented artists already out there who could be used either way? Prince was already playing locally and writing stuff from a young age before signing to Warner’s as most performer’s did back in the day.

        What part of his entity did they control? he was allowed to write, produce and play all the instruments on most of his stuff and had a lot of say in what was released, his image, etc.

        As for the name change, to say that it was a publicity stunt is nonsense. He’s legally named prince, so used the symbol to get out of a contract, and was pretty much his own boss after that. As if other artists who try and control there own creations haven’t gone through similar things with contracts or fallen out with the industry.

        Most artists get screwed over by companies. How many artists even get around to claiming there masters back, or even live long enough.

        Corporate decision? by who, Warners? the mob? otherwise it’s just easy to write these things off as hoaxes, fake events, without even having any proof or not even doing much investigating.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Ab said ”There’s no reason to believe this celebrity death is any different from any past Celebrity Death Hoaxes ”.

    Okay, but what other so-called ‘Celebrity Death Hoaxes’ were you thinking of, so I’ve got a reference ? I’ve seen none researched here on this site, in any great detail that I can remember.
    There is that ”McCartney is Dead” Celebrity Death Hoax, but that is clearly different. In that case the hoax is that he’s dead in the first place, isn’t it ?

    If I’m going to go around telling people 9/11 was a hoax then I want to know the official narrative before I talk to them about it. Same deal with here with Prince’s death. I’m not comfortable just calling ”fake ! Just like all the others ”.
    I prefer to be saying ” Look. The narrative is flakey, for a start”.

    1. Nemesis

      I doubt this was about money, he didn’t need it. Maybe his master recordings which he got back a few years were the goal.

      Very suspicious circumstances though.

  3. tomdalpra

    Straight up with this one it felt questionable.

    He cut no less than four albums in the last 18 months and he’d let it be known he was writing a memoir.
    There’s five new best sellers to kick off the deal.
    He’d ‘got his catalog back from Warners’, could an early contrived death and writing of legend, be part of that deal ? It seems quite possible to me.

    On Sunday having been released from hospital he put on a disco party at his music complex where he said of his health ” Wait a few days before you waste any prayers ”.

    What did he know ? And is it now time to start wasting prayers ?

    He had epilepsy as a child. Also he’s said to have needed a double hip replacement but had avoided it citing his religion not believing in blood transfusions.

    On Saturday night after playing a gig his plane made an emergency landing and he was rushed to hospital to receive a ”save shot” to reverse the effects of an opiate over dose. At least if we’re to believe the confident reports from TMZ.
    As far as we knew, the immaculate, in control Prince was a raw-food-chomping, vegan, teetotal, wasn’t he ?
    When did the drugs come in ?

    The Daily Mirror shows us what it calls ‘chilling’ last photos of him leaving a pharmacy ( geddit?) The vague last photos asserting the ( what seems at first glance, unlikely ) narrative.

    1. ab Post author

      There’s no reason to believe that this celebrity death is any different from any past Celebrity Death hoaxes. Getting caught up in the narrative is like watching a soap opera, most likely a huge waste of time.

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