The fake trans agenda is complex

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Money is the ultimate controller of how any group acts, including states. does a good job explaining this complicated culture creation psyOp.

He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation. James A. Garfield…

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2 thoughts on “The fake trans agenda is complex

  1. farcevalue

    Trying to get a handle on this psyop. I am a throwback neanderthal retro redneck bigot who thinks it is less barbaric to suggest that conflicted individuals do some deep soul searching and explore the possibility of self acceptance than it is to distort their systems with hormones and lop off perfectly healthy parts of their bodies.

    A relative who lives in California is of a similar mind but would not dare to give voice to those opinions for fear of social backlash.

    I was looking into whether the trans issue is a phenomenon of technology, i.e., there were no transgender individuals until technology allowed it. If it actually does allow it. I have a feeling that the medical establishment is less capable than we are led to believe.

    I found the information in the links below to be particularly disturbing. A parent would be particularly irresponsible to allow a young child to decide they were of a different gender and follow through with hormone therapy.

    The Alice Dreger character recommends starting the treatment early for the real trans kids (and how do we know, exactly?). She also recommends we read in full a Guardian article about Monica Lewinski’s cyber-bullying campaign. So there’s that.

    The former executive director of the HRC, Elizabeth Birch has psyop written all over her.……


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