Nuclear fallout is a hoax

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Nuclear science,  radiation,  and fallout are all part of one giant fear hoax.

Chernobyl was an easy target to manipulate people, as most of the population had little or no education.

On the edge of Belarus’ Chornobyl exclusion zone, down the road from the signs warning 0;Stop! Radiation,” a dairy farmer offers his visitors a glass of freshly drawn milk.…

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1 thought on “Nuclear fallout is a hoax

  1. el sushi de la mancha

    Having experienced myself the fear mongering tactics / orchestral manoeuvres in the ” dark ” (Ha! Remember that band ?) propagated in sushi land after the 3/11 I can testify that this was a hell of an social engineering experience. 70% of my own foreign friend’s community instantly flew away from Japan to the point where local me-r-dia started naming them the ” fly-jins ” . My neighbor was all panicked and he even went to the point of covering everyone single little thing in his apt with plastic garbage bags. True story ! Should have taken a pic or two for the record.
    Among the dozen of daily messages that I kept receiving, very few were concerned with what I personally thought about all this imaginary mayhem. Of course ! I mean, yes, it did shake quite a lot that day even around the tokyo area, and it even kept doing so for about a month after 3/11 (aftershocks). There was a tsunami hitting some costal cities in the Tohoku prefecture but that fukushima ” unclear ” plant story is a complete redflag.
    The only problem I have is that numerology stuff, again … 3/11/11 …back to the same old mystical numbers …


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