Anatomy of a Psychological Operation: The Mandela/Berenstein Effect

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Why retitle when Steve does such a good job?

I had no idea about this until recently. It’s deep and is really a form of gaslighting.

For the record, I enjoyed froot loops, especially on the road in those small cut  down boxes. I’d never eat them now though.

Steve mentions uses t-minus for their countdowns as Satan-T=NASA. Nice.

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2 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Psychological Operation: The Mandela/Berenstein Effect

  1. Jack33

    I’ve still got a box of adult diapers my grandmother left in the cabinet under my bathroom sink a few years back when she came in town for a visit.

    Yep, they’re called DEPENDS alright.
    Who the f*** do they think they’re fooling?

    Bunch of Sick twisted bastards.

  2. Zalian

    Mandela effect, pushed at same time as flat earth, promoted by among others orphan red, the most obvious schill in the world.

    Tells me all i need to know.

    And about the mandela effect changing the past, lets take the example of the famous movie line “luke i am your father”, which according to mandela effect agents is “no, i am your father”.

    This is true, but it has ALWAYS been like that, i remember walking around school thinking that people quoted it wrong was cringeworthy, when i was a kid.

    Its not something that popped up lately when “time shifted” or whatever.

    It is just what happens, since most people have really shoddy memory and remember the “feeling” more than the actual words, and filling in the blanks.

    Mandela effect is BS.

    Never tought about that T-Minus thing from NASA though, that blew my mind :O

    Edit : The mind phenomenon is called Thin slicing, and its basically the way we compress our memories for easier recall.…



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