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Fake forever war

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Do they have studios that they film this in Israel as well? Fake terrorism has been perfected in Israel – with its citizens as victims.

All this war fakery is perhaps Israel’s biggest export – paid for by US taxpayers to be used against the US citizens in the US.

Iron Dome Is Fake – Part 2 – Israeli Hoax Pretext For Palestinian Invasion, US Taxpayer Fraud

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Neil disgrace Tyson on 9/11

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NDT is a professional agitator and disinformation military change agent. His specialty isn’t astrophysics but NLP and rhetoric. He is clearly good at it, and dominates the science media spectrum.

Being a paid shill for the Nutwork, it’s no wonder he has a 9/11 show, featuring other highly promoted culture change agents.


He even squeezes/crowbars in a curved earth reference at the end.

H/t Jim S.

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