Fake forever war

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Do they have studios that they film this in Israel as well? Fake terrorism has been perfected in Israel – with its citizens as victims.

All this war is perhaps Israel’s biggest export – paid for by US taxpayers to be used against the US citizens in the US.

Iron Dome Is Fake – Part 2 – Israeli Hoax Pretext For Palestinian Invasion, US Taxpayer Fraud


blockquote>Iron Dome is fake – Part 2 – There are ZERO images of Iron Dome intercepting anything at all, and when asked to supply those images (which could easily be proven using Infra-red videography), Israel has refused.. But why? Why would Israel refuse to release infra-red video proof of Iron Dome, when there are allegedly thousands of interceptions that have taken place?

Iron Dome Missiles appear to intercept “invisible” Qassam rockets daily, yet there is no proof at all that they are in fact intercepting anything. Iron’ Dome’s own creator admits it’s like “fireworks”, and the US taxpayers have paid 1/4 billion dollars into this scam.

The closer you look into “Iron Dome” the more it apperas to have not “stopped war” but instead instigated war, claiming that “thousands of Hamas rockets” are being fired into Israel, when in fact few, if not zero rockets are being fired into Israel.

What Iron Dome in fact does is create the pretext for the complete destruction of Palestinian territory, under the claim that “Israel is under constant attack” – Iron Dome missiles are “smart” missiles only in the sense that they are able to turn right before exploding and actually destroying nothing.

Israel’s Defense Department has even been caught adding fake sound effects on top of their fake Iron Dome system, to add emotional damage and distress to those watching.

There is actually no proof of any damage in Israel AT ALL regarding any Qassam rockets damaging Israel and their territory.

When CNN is seen sending crews who “witness explosions” there is no sound, and there is no proof of any explosions whatsoever.

Get ready though, because the 3.2 Billion dollars a year sent to “protect poor Israel” is now about to be bumped to 5 BILLION a year- and if you look at Tel Aviv, it looks a lot better off than L.A., Cleveland, Detroit, or many other American cities, yet the American taxpayers are expected to pay more and more into the defense of the nation of Israel who actually isn’t under attack and is faking their own “precarious position” in order to suckle more money out of America for their phony Iron Dome “defense” (pretext for attack) system.. Truly a sick state of affairs, which needs to be thoroughly exposed.

As far as I known, I am one of the only people in the entire “alternative media” pointing out how extremely fake Iron Dome is.

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Jake Siglain
Jake Siglain
6 years ago

Doesn’t anyone in israel have a telephoto lens? So obviously fake. sorry about the photo, don’t know how to delete it.