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Shots In The Dark

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Media culture change agent (actor) Robert Deniro has been in the news leading the charge to investigate what’s in the vaccines.  The vaccines that are so good for us that we are being bribed,  threatened or at least shunned if we don’t make our children take them.

His unreleased movie, like this one, could easily be controlled opposition.

This movie implies that vaccines are good and have improved our health, coinciding with the period of time that hygiene, nutrition, sanitation, and pesticide awareness became common.

Did vaccines have any role at all in our improved health? Is there any proof? Is there a movie that questions this? Is there a movie that questions whether the science of virology is based on identifiable viri or are they all artist’s impressions?

You don’t have to worry about the answers if you get everybody asking the wrong questions.

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9/11 blower

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Magic numbers show up in the strangest fiction.

JetBlue pilot charged with drunken flying on return trip to JFK – NY Daily News

Murphy blew a .11 for blood-alcohol content on a breath testing device, according to the criminal complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The 44-year-old pilot from Ramsey, N.J., was administered a second test 15 minutes later and registered a .091 reading, which is not a crime. To face criminal charges under federal law, a commercial pilot has to have blood-alcohol content of 0.10% or higher.


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Audiochat-Ab, Anounceofsalt

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Frank and I talk about salt, of course. NaCl and squatting too.



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