Audiochat-Ab, Anounceofsalt

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Frank and I talk about salt, of course. NaCl and squatting too.



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3 thoughts on “Audiochat-Ab, Anounceofsalt

  1. UNreal

    very enjoyful audiochat !

    i’m very suspect of mainstream memes when it comes to health. the healthy nutrition “pyramid” we are submitted to in mainstream media/propaganda does not seem to be an optimal diet and rather misleading,,, what follows very closely to the very graphic food pyramid chart is,,, water in great amounts,,, mainstream health -buff’s seems to always be portrayed with an Evian water bottle or equivalent close at hand,,,

    what is your opinion on water Frank, and how much/often do you think we really need to drink (or not) ?

    1. The Extreme Reality Puppet Show

      EVIAN in reverse is NAIVE. What BUFF of HEALTH would DARE to drink bottled water? Especially straight from the bottle, untreated, unshaken; it’s ludicrous, and they do this only for public consumption, they promote it as per Illuminati orders.

      Crystal Energy removes fluoride from water, throw in a real quartz crystal, keep your water in a glass jar, place an Original Braided Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™ around it and VIOLA, you’ve got SUPERIOR WATER to EVERYONE ELSE and you’ll notice it ACTUALLY TASTES GOOD. Remember to shake it clockwise for 33 seconds before drinking to ensure for maximum life-force potential.

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