Nuke plant in a box

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Why didn’t these plants in a box become more widespread, like ACME trailer rental became? Certainly seems more efficient than all those expensive hydro corridors all over the place.

Nuclear power is a hoax. Nuclear science is pure fantasy. What you can’t see won’t hurt you, but it sure will cost you if you’re counting dollars.

Is there any mention of how McMurdo is powered in 2016?

Watch 0;ANTARCTICA nuclear  energy in 1961 amazing” on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Nuke plant in a box

  1. xilefflex

    Some different, equally amusing, footage here of the arrival of the “nuclear power plant”

  2. xilefflex

    Good post.
    An obvious psy-op.
    Further reading here with the official [laughable] narrative…

    There’s a lot of recruitment going on for diesel mechanics in Antarctica, run by this outfit, who also were involved in the Ebola hoax.…

    PAE is well positioned to help the U.S. government meet its foreign policy objectives and maintain a state of readiness for future challenges.



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