9 thoughts on “Real footage

  1. Hare Brain

    The driver is listening to what sounds like bible skepticism – is there an agenda here? “There is not one original document” and then crash. So in the background, there’s discussion about fakery, and then we see an accident. What does it mean? And the driver that caused the accident – why does he/she turn so sharply to the left before the impact when he/she is just doing a simple lane change.

      1. Hare Brain

        ah, it’s your video. the radio show host did sound familiar- i remember him talking to sofia smallstorm.

        the guy in the middle lane, he’s doing what looks like like a routine lane change, turns to the left sharply, and then hits the guy in the left lane. and we see brake lights (at :38) for the guy in the middle, why? is he trying to avoid ramming into the car in front of him? doesn’t seem so. we see his left blinker light at :42. what is the guy in the middle lane doing?

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