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Call 425-Hoax Busters, Road Runner Shaped Holes

Goat Man, Manchester United Bomb Threat,Businessman Recreating , Human Degeneration / De-evolution, Appeals to Authority, Manufactured Terror, Weaponized Culture, Evolutionism, Epistemology, Story Telling, Cultural Marxism, Jay dyer, John Adams, from NY on the Call. Last part of the call goes into the Jew question, ad nauseam……hoaxbusterscall.c…

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6 thoughts on “From goo, zoo, to yoo

  1. Dan Ahn

    “Duration: 3:09h, Played: 1:42h”

    Does this mean that you only listened to the first hour and 42 minutes? If so, you made it five minutes longer than I did. As soon as the obnoxious guy (whose name isn’t listed in the shownotes) came on the call, I knew it was only a matter of time before he derailed it again, for the third (fourth?) week in a row. And sure enough, his Jew paranoia took up the entire second half of the call. At least, I think it did. I skipped through the last hour and a half but every time I listened, it was still about Jews. I didn’t even hear Paul from NY (who I normally really enjoy), so he must’ve not wanted to get involved in the mess for very long. And it seems like Jay Dyer checked out preemptively, which was also a shame.

    Chris and John have shown way too much patience with this guy. At the end of the “discussion” Chris even said that his opinion still wasn’t changed at all. So why continue to let this guy with the annoying voice hog half the airtime every week?

    1. ab Post author

      That’s when I posted it, yes, and I did listen to the end of Negentropic and his Jew rant. Apparently Chris cut out a bunch. Chris is clearly annoyed with the argument, as I am too since I’m convinced we are talking about court jews and not the old family power structure.

      1. smj

        that gullible man-key, negentropic, said domesticated foxes are evidence of neo-darwinian evolution.

        the fuckin jews oughta make a law against teaching gullible man-keys to say silly shit like ‘off chessboard entities’, ‘disgenics’, and ‘win-win win-lose’ etc.

        nego’s annoying voice has that timbre of overcompensation, kinda like alex jones’.

        1. Blue Moon

          Again, this guy is Borat- I liked his epic chronicles- I wish he’d make more of those- Something makes me wonder if such a character isn’t sent out to provoke to keep the Zionist/Israel lobby/holocaust brands selling- Younger people simply don’t have a dog in that hunt and the currency of tension that Middle East crap had is too bankrupt to get anyone anxious anymore- Maybe because we know there is no nuclear (Samson) option, so the Mossad et al can’t really do anything but manufacture lies to feed to an increasingly ignored MSM-
          Plus: The Yaweh derived monotheistic cultures have also lost any claim on the collective fears- A state based on ancient religious claims…does that get anyone hard anymore? No, of course it doesn’t-

          1. Dan Ahn

            Yeah, to be honest I’m not really one to speculate much about who could be a paid shill online, but Negentropic is EXACTLY the sort of person who makes all “racially aware” people seem like insane socially dysfunctional idiots. Seriously if the Mossad or ADL wanted to pay people to make “Jew-wise” people seem like the worst idiots on the internet, they could hardly do a better job than what Negentropic is already doing.

            I also got the impression that Chris was annoyed, and I can’t imagine that John Adams actually wants his valuable Skype time wasted like this as well. I have no idea why they don’t ban him. Every week or so on their site, he makes a comment disparaging Chris and John for not blaming the Jews, and he has the gall to keep telling Chris that he needs to stop taking Paypal donations because Paypal is run by evil Jews or whatever. He accuses everyone who disagrees with him in the chat or comments section as being Markus Allen in disguise. And he just literally took up half of their latest episode with the same stupid anti-Jew stuff. They’ve been over this stuff before. We ALL have. Anyone who’s been on the “alt-media” internet for longer than a few weeks has heard all of this stuff before. Negentropic acts like he’s doing everyone a favor by telling them. And telling them again. And again. And again. In the same annoying voice.

            I actually did like some of his “Chronicles” podcast, because some of the clips he played were interesting. When he took an hour to read out of a book in a squeaky voice, it was totally unlistenable. But he should definitely go back to doing that rather than bothering Hoax Busters.

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