CGI testing room for CGI/fake satellites

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The lie-ntist certainly looks pasted in.

Picture of the Day: The Room Where Get Tested «TwistedSifter

Seen here is the European Space Agency’s (ESA) incredible satellite testing room in Noordwijk, the Netherlands

Source: Picture of the Day: The Room Where Satellites Get Tested «TwistedSifter

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9 thoughts on “CGI testing room for CGI/fake satellites

  1. Barbara Müller

    I’ve seen the fake ISS, or whatever that is up there two times in a row recently within a 90 min. period. Didn’t see any details though, but something bigger than an airplane and faster and also much higher was definitely there, so I still take communication satellites for real. They probably simply exaggerate the costs of them and launch a new satellite every few days or something and the older ones just fall down and burn in the atmosphere

      1. Barbara Müller

        dear AB, if you think I’m wrong then please explain what it is up there pretending to be a space station? I watched the ISS on times predicted on the heavens above page. I had the exactly times 4 days in advance. How is it possible? I’m flying regularly several times a week and never ever had any flight on time and the “ISS” times were predicted exactly to the minute. Also we are using tv-satellite dishes in our family since the 80-s where the first programs got broadcasted over Europe. I never heard or read about any other technology which is capable of broadcasting that sort of information constantly without breaks for centuries and requires precisely directed satellite antennas to receive the signals. And those antennas simply point to the same coordinates in space no matter where you put them. We once moved over 1000km to other place in Germany, took the old dish with us and simple put it at the new place in the same direction with only small angle adjustments. How’s that possible if the sending unit is not that far away? There wasn’t any cellular towers back then or any other similar technology. I read myself through the Clues-forum and I’m following their current topics daily with great interest but they also don’t have any better explanation for the broadcast technology. I don’t believe in some magic clouds made of metal particles. Chemtrails are most probably simply a way of dissolute all the poison of the chemical industry all over the world. They cannot put it in rivers anymore like they did back then till things like Ebola happened. The stratosphere can only reflect some small range of frequencies which we call shortwaves. So I repeat my questions: what technology does the broadcast of tv programs we receive via satellite dishes and what is that bright dot which flies over my garden on exactly predicted times?

        1. ab Post author

          The ISS is likely many u2 spy planes with high powered LEDs. It’s a simulation. If it was real you could not see it based on THEIR numbers.

          Satellites are simulated by bouncing higher powered RF from many terrestrial points at different angles around the Terra. You are simply pointing your dish to the bounce back point.

        2. Vespadouglas

          Why would nasa provide vast amounts of dodgy data and dodgy movie clips if all they had to do was fix a camera or two to the vehicle that passes over your garden . Who knows what it is ? Not anyone here , I dont think .Im quite sure I do know what its not.

          Its not a pressurised cannister full of astronauts .

          1. Barbara Müller

            well I by no means claim that there is a manned spaceship over there but something bigger, faster and higher than any known airplane including the U2, which capabilities are probably exaggerated like anything else, is flying at precise predicted times which also excludes U2, on a regular basis. It is so fast that I cannot follow it easily with my telescope which I’m using regularly as a hobby astronomer. I can easily follow any airplane no matter how high it flies and see many details every time. It also must be much higher, otherwise I would see some details and not just a bright spot. Therefore it also must be much bigger because only the biggest airplanes with the biggest wings and strongest engines can reach higher altitudes only flying at the highest speed. On the other hand airplanes appear slower the higher they fly, even in the telescope view. The “ISS” or whatever that is, is flying so fast, I can hardly keep the spot in the view of my teleskope. So my conclusion is this: it cannot be an airplane using the lift on its wings. And the only technology with such possibilities which sounds convincing to me is the satellite technology. I think, it’s a some sort of empty shape maybe just a metalized balloon but still it is flying like a satellite on an altitude where there is almost no air which allows such high speeds.
            How can a satellite broadcast be simulated in a way where you have to point your dish to the same point in space no matter where you are. Just try it yourself on your next vacation. Take a mobile antenna with you, travel some 1000 miles or more and try the angle. As I said, my family is using dishes since the 80-s, back then there wasn’t any network of terrestrial points bouncing tv signals or whatever, the tv was analog getting snowy when you moved the dish a little bit. You may not like it, but you cannot explain it away. Satellites are real. Not everything we learned at school must be a lie. Be careful there if you want to keep your integrity as a fakeologist.

            1. ab Post author

              Ok glad you’re so sure they’re real Babs, even after reading through and this site. We can’t prove a negative, so the onus is on you to show us proof they are real. BTW, have you formally introduced yourself to us all here?

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Giant soundproof room.
    It looks like a piece of Modern Art, to me. If you bunged a few quid at it and stuck that in a dirty great room at the Tate Modern, you’d have a winner.
    The ”Void of Space” you could call it. Excellent space promo to boot.
    ”How did the launch go ?”
    ”Oh you could hear a pin drop ”
    It’s real isn’t it ? This spiky monstrosity where you could here a pin drop ?
    You can test signals. Who knows the satellites aren’t going into orbit ? I dunno.
    Funny looking thing.


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