Time for a plane psyop hoax

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John says it’s time for a (simulated) plane crash, by the numbers.

I hear it’s going to be a busy air travel summer. Don’t be afraid!

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4 thoughts on “Time for a plane psyop hoax

  1. UNreal

    well done by JBL !

    in addition to the numbers (flying at 37.000 feet/11.000m, 66 passengers, Airbus A320-232 departed 23:20, disappeared 02:30) there is also the mocking part by means of words. in Bruxelles there was Mason Wells 3rd time lucky witness, and here we have the 6000+ hours pilot Mohammed Shokeir. the naming pun “Shocker”/”Shokeir” seems quite overt, even careless or overzealous.

    1. ab Post author

      To think I was just mentioning on my last audiochat that we had a big break from the shooting hoaxes.

      1. UNreal

        lol, the 23:09 as 11/9 escaped me !

        always interesting to have the numerical take on events. however, some of the links mentioned do seem over the top to me, such as the Cairo Egypt “119” etc.
        >any more information about this blog/blogger (BROTHER BERG) ?

        even as the plane was scheduled for departure at 11:09, french media state the actual departure was 23:20. here we have another numerical link, this time to the airplane (airbus a320-232). the latter link seems trivial, but do underscore how i view the use of numbers, they use them whenever they can, meaningful or not.

        another point regarding the textual pun from the pilots name is that “Shock Air” aka Shokeir, would very well fit an allusion to EgyptAir,,,


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