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  1. Black Dog

    Squatting* may be good, literally, but for discussion on 911 or conspiracy in general ‘squatting’ is intolerable.

    I forced myself to listen to this whole audio, Wanting to stop after the “everything is fake be happy” BS..mantra.. Then the matter of fact style of (at least) mentioning the ‘wholesale destruction’ in non westernized realms, but never considering MILLIONS DEAD for the fascist elite game plan, not the least bit appreciative it isn’t us being so overtly targeted, though we are targets, in different ways.

    Now I’ll try to analyze what’s in KHam’s mind.. “LenonHonor”, a capitalist more then a passionate truth seeker (“..like minds..”). I guess anyone who downloads the program or whatever it takes to get on these chats is who we get!? -And I guess K is hot? ‘The crux of all men’. She’s married Ab (or whatever muslims call it/assuming she is muslim, from what I remember she is.. or close enough) ..What is it muslims believe? Westernized muslims at that (with BMW’s). ‘Oh how’ the CIA (or whoever) can exploit that bunch, just grateful to be out of their native turned hell (?) zones. ‘Invested liberals’.. of course, the best kind. Not that K is anymore disingenuous than any other BMW owner, she sounds sincere enough in her convictions (as surface as they are) and some of her analysis I even agree with but this is nothing more than Facebook level BS social networking.

    * BTW the squatting (in the literal sense) media you’ve shared has been quite a revelation Ab. Who knew (we’re all full of shit)? That we need to basically reinvent such domesticated out of us nature! Currrently my toilet is low, and previously I thought this undesirable but now.. … The floor was also redone recently and I thought how cheap that they put the new floor over the old! But this makes the toilet even lower! ++ So I’ve been ‘experimenting’ and have developed a psuedo squat utilizing the low toilet.. taking the weight off the toilet (squatting over the toilet) and ah.. there’s a noticable difference in.. Of course a full squat is now desirable, something I’ve yet to do. If I had an outdoor perimeter enough I would. I could see this as a win win for farmers with fertilization as well, considering one wasn’t toxic as most westernized usually are! There’s also the ‘chamber’ pot method one could try, I haven’t.. yet. Good info Ab, big thanks.

    Well, thankfully all I had to do was copy and paste the following, in continuation of this reply, from a forum entry I’ve already posted here at Fakeologist (well ended up reediting it quite a bit). — Regardless of my criticism here Ab, I believe in you, I believe you are genuine, or I wouldn’t be here. There’s just a disconnect, a ‘cognitive dissonance’ (love that word) and it – no doubt – is limiting the scope around here (a site otherwise well put together by yourself, and a site that will hopefully not just fade into oblivion.. and that should continue! Don’t give up! Or turn LenonHonor capitalist on us /that will end it all here!). Some things you connect the dots to on fabulously, some things not (regardless, my appreciation and thanks). — The following paragraphs being my main petition against the limited groupthink happening here, there and everywhere, written objectively, of course, as should all this be until proven. I am only subjective against unproven subjectivity itself (which proves itself real-time as we are subjected to it), unproven assumptions.. I cry objectivity and rail at anyone who thinks they know anything! As it seems most people are full of shit (in all regards) and don’t know much beyond their positions in congruity with their elite captors.


    Originally written by Black Dog, October 12, 2015; reedited this Jun. 8th, 2016.

    Fakeologists are either a consortium of controlled opposition (in part) or it’s just unavoidable truth that most people just follow a crowd. The crowd here being EVERYTHING IS FAKE. Some of it I can agree with, even a lot of it but I find it highly suspect how limiting the scope is around here. Limited to the faking in and of itself and never the reason why such things like ‘9/11’ would be faked … The obvious reason being to give people justification for killing each other for the profit of the elite*.

    * Not mentioning this (at least and of course objectively, unless possessing proof either way) when ever talking about 911 and repeating, “no one died”.. aren’t we all happy, happy, happy, happy, “no one died” is just total ignorance and deception. To not even consider who has died.. is disgusting, it shakes my confidence in any so called truth seeker to the core, makes me wonder what is wrong with anyone (or group) chiming this limited mantra.

    War does not seem to be real to anyone around here. Why would a false flag like 9/11 be created if not mainly to justify the wars and the killing of innocent people for these recent power grabs of the elite? ‘They’ don’t create psyops just for fun, or for submission alone. How much more submissive can anyone be around here!

    Not that consideration of the extent of what any war was or is is anthema. That can be contemplated of course as I have heard touched on in recent media, but like all these topics, we do not know for sure, and unless it is someone sharing what they do know from actual experience, we should always be objective in our analysis’ here, of any of this. More likely wars (military occupation, etc.) past and present, have been worse than what we’ve been told. These people are not benevolent! All though their megalomania may have them thinking other wise, though that too is doubtful, as the Bohemian Grove emphasizes the “cremation of care”, from what I understand, which seems to be a good, blatant, indicator of what we are dealing with and who we’ve become subject to.

    If not to know this just by one’s intuition in and of itself! But how sad is it that this too seems rife for alteration as well.. We don’t squat anymore – We don’t care any more.. We are not even familiar with squatting! We are not even familiar with much anymore (it seems), which intuition should well reveal in us! … Can and has this been domesticated out of us as well? Not me.. but reflecting: How much “not me”? As well, how much crap are we all now taking that we’re not even realizing ..Where even our realization (our ability to realize things) is slipping.. fading in us.

    Some people at Fakeologist may be fake … limiting the scope … leading the followers?

    All need to wake. Stay alert (not follow blindly) and not be given to superstitous type paranoia of everyone either. Even if there is a ‘fake’ ‘enemy’ agent here or there, appeal to the fact that they are a man and what is right will ring true beyond the position they’ve been put in, challenging as that may be. In a sense we are all working for the enemy and all need to be confronted (and be ashamed!), and question our very own participation to whatever degree we participate in the things securing our very own demise as a free and a free-thinking people. “What can I do?” must always be the question in our mind. Resisting the Stockholme Syndrome we naturally gravitate to out of destitute, exhaustion, desperation, and pure lack of choices (‘singing the blues’ is righteous /drowning in alcohol is not.. you become what They want, and alcohol as a metaphor as well, considering the numerous methods we avoid the truth, being here now honest as we can).

    Other examples of the overlooked are:

    – Mass (or otherwise) shootings fake – Taking your weapons away real.

    – Kennedy killed by a lone gunman fake – Securing the US presidency against future wild card presidents real.

    – Cultures created fake – Inebriated and or dumbed down people real.

    – Food, water and air (e.g., ‘chemtrails’) fake – Indirectly drugged, nutrient deficient, and physiologically dumbed down people real.

    – Some Fakeologist’s fake (?) – Taking the focus off the endgame (i.e., ‘big picture’) real!

    Also: Where are all the people who have been effected by all these wars? No doubt some don’t have internet! But they’ve got to be dispersed through-out the world everywhere. World War Two survivors (who lived to tell) are all gone now I guess (but what about their children sharing their stories?). We can not be short of war participants’, ‘victim or aggressor’ (and their stories, directly or indirectly). All our soldiers, current and former, Korean people, Vietnamese, Iraqi, too many to mention … and their descendants. It’s strange how these people seem to be absent on the internet. Maybe the internet is one big psy-op controlled fake opposition? With real people and topics strangely missing or simply censored out of the general discussion, or just not in the search engines. There are so many ways this internet can be controlled and directed, as is being done to the minds of the masses through all means, ‘fakeologists’ included. With omission, of course, being the conspirators crucial component (i.e., silencing opposition).

    And what about people that were involved in 9/11 first hand? … Who actually seen it with their own eyes first hand (not just TV or video, second hand). How come we never hear from these people? There must have been thousands in New York at the time in actual view of this event (one of the most populated cities in the world!). Regardless of their personal opinions … ‘Real, fake, official story, or whatever’ –Where are these people?

    And , of course the people involved in creating the psy-ops’, false-flags and what not … I guess we’ll never hear from them …

    It’s just us reduced to this virtual absurdity here for now.

    Best wishes, Black Dog (reedited this Jun. 8th, 2016; originally written October 12, 2015) (All language common! No corporate or otherwise doublespeak! No alternate meanings, numeric codes, or any such things.)

  2. Blue Moon

    Ab- I’m glad you asked about Lenon Honor’s concern for fear based programming regarding 911 even as that event did not happen, and therefore should generate no fear- If Honor want’s to dissolve the fear, he should stump for September Clues and the like, not construct a complex abstraction just so one can waste time deconstructing it- That said, I do like his full on attack of rap “music”- That crap is far more insidious than even free cheese or crack importation- And not to imply any racial pecking order, but look what its done to white culture- No wonder when rap was on the rise in the 80’s and 90’s, some white folks fought back with fossils like Sinatra and Tony Bennett, the worst singer I’ve ever heard who wasn’t supposed to be camp-
    (I sometimes wonder if this Honor fellow is designed to be a black Stefan Molyneux, a cultish type with certain shibboleths repeated over and over while the forensics gets drowned in the process of explaining how helpless and vulnerable we supposedly are)

    1. ab Post author

      Spending $50/month to learn about trauma based mind control is a little stiff for my psych budget. I’ll stick to talking to fakeologists for free.

      1. kham

        Let’s hear directly from Lenon Honor concerning what he is all about:

        About Lenon Honor

        Lenon Honor is a writer, musician, video producer, talk show host, and counselor. His website www.lenonhonor.com has provided a wealth of information and inspiration in regards to manhood, fatherhood, marriage, children, family, and personal growth.


        1. ab Post author

          Dear K,
          If this is truly you, please log in.
          Also, I don’t mind a link, but I do not appreciate a cut and paste job of an entire page advert. Please refrain from doing so in future.

          1. khammad


            All of the information I included about Lenon Honor is new knowledge to most of the people here on your blog and lets people know the full breadth of Lenon Honors talents and accomplishments.

            I could have rewritten what Lenon says about himself but he said it much more eloquently than me. But you censored my post and erased much of it. The reason it was important to include my whole post of Lenon Honors accomplishments is that much of your listeners/viewers have an incorrect idea about who Lenon Honor is and what he does. Andy they are making incorrect assumptions that are posted here in your blog. It was my attempt at correcting those wrong assumptions.

            I ask that you put the full post back so that your viewers can see who is the real Lenon Honor.

            1. ab Post author

              K, I am not sure why you are shilling so hard for Lenon. Most here know of him from my interview from the past. They can go to his website if they want more.

              1. khammad


                I am shilling for any researcher who uses evidence to come to conclusions, much like Simon Shack’s September Clues and Hoi Poloi’s Vicsim Research. There are very few of these evidence-based independent researchers on the internet. When we find one we should shill for them to get the word out.

                There are lots of speculators who pose as researchers. In order to tell the difference between a researcher and a speculator all you have to do is ask for the evidence. Simon, Hoi and Lenon will show you their evidence in a simple and easy to understand format.

            2. Vespadouglas

              ” much of your listeners/viewers have an incorrect idea about who LH is/does and they are making incorrect assumptions”

              Really ?

    2. Dan Ahn

      Good points were made on this topic. I think the point of what Lennon Honor talks about, though, is to deal with the overall phenomenon of society being traumatized by this stuff. And we also have to consider the degree to which the subconscious human mind can be effected by whatever we see on TV, whether it’s real or not and whether it is consciously interpreted as fiction or not. I’m not saying there is never any different of effect, but apparently the facts show that stress and emotional softening-up are facilitated even when watching horror movies, for example.

      Just playing devil’s advocate a bit here. I’m only semi-familiar with Lennon Honor’s work, and I generally like it, but after a certain point I do find myself asking “Okay, so if it’s all a bunch of unnecessary trauma that we should just avoid, then why does Lennon keep making it the center of his discussions?” It’s kind of a weird thing, the degree to which his subject matter IS the stuff that his message says we should not pay attention to. I don’t think he’s being duplicitous, nor do I really blame the guy for wanting to make a living off his usually pretty damn good content. But overall I feel like the trajectory of his material has a low ceiling.

  3. arthur king

    The fake news and fake wars have been used for centuries to keep the mass public thinking they need the protection of the castle walls and the folks inside who dress up in robes.

    A frames less idea:

    The IRS is just the collection agency for the Federal Government. You have to think you need to keep paying your taxes. The place to start is with the people who write the bills and then vote on them, passing them into law. The Congress. The supposed elected officials are a place to start. These would be among the most propagandized and corrupt, but they would start to yield to pressure as they are weak little mice who have projected huge shadows on the proverbial castle walls. We do not need the walls or their protection from cartoon menaces.

    The MK Ultra Mind Control Program was and is the NEWS media and now the internet. It is based on monkey see monkey do- mirror neurons.

    Further, the whole system is predicated on following orders. It is all literally scripted and has to be. Government constitutions and treaties are contracts that bind the world. The way out of this wage slave feudal system might have to do with what one would term “Natural Law” and withdrawing one’s consent from the system itself.

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