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  1. Laurie

    I liked this guy when I began watching a few of his videos. As time wore on, though, I began to suspect there was something going on. He would start a broadcast and begin talking about numbers, first beginning with their importance, then saying, oh they don’t mean anything (babbling as if he was going to make a point, but doesn’t – more schizo behavior) – why wouldn’t that be edited out before posting on YT? Then he claimed a drone was flying over his apt. and his g/f was being followed and was pulled over by the police. The thing that did it for me though was on one of his video’s he “accidentally” hit a button that played a sound then he stops for a minute and makes a couple of weird faces at the camera – like he is adjusting his face. Strange behavior not edited – therefore purposeful.
    He showed a video the other day that was in French and he stated he put his own subtitles on it for viewers, luckily for us he lived in France for 3 or 4 years. However, when watching the video there are clearly subtitles on it and the words do not match his translation.
    The guy is nothing but bait, and he is very irritating to watch. Making the case all CT’s are nuts, on drugs and holed up in their apartment listening to drones overhead. I also love the non-descript feel of the room he films in. Just his cat and cat stand, but then on other videos he prominently displays his SUN pillow on the couch.

    1. UNreal


      it sure looks like the YT “truthers” lure in the audience first, then they discretely start “shilling” on other conspiracy topic’s thereafter. regarding the online “truth” community, the intelligence services would not substitute a perfectly efficient system such as the TV and the printed press by anything less efficient. it seems that today most people believe they are even more free than before because of the great diversity of opinion and choice they are offered by the “new” media in the likes of Youtube and Twitter to name but a few. in the goal to enslave us more, it is important to have us believe we have more choice than before and that we can find the information we need on our own. in such a scenario, the “amateur” YT truthers seem very important in a bigger strategy from the intelligence community.

      “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
      — Goethe

      regarding the Discredit by Association (DBA) theory advanced by Simon/Cluesforum it was meant to explain how the Flat earth mouvement was created to deflect criticism from NASA and the space program. more-so than a Nasa/Cluesforum DBA strategy, it seems to me “Flat Earther” is the new way to label “conspiracy theorist”.

      Flat Earth (FE) seems to be used as a “Tar-Baby” towards any critical thought or conspiracy theory in order to be discredited before even being considered. the YT truthers above are trowing flat earth at those critical of plane-crash and/or terrorist news. the Flat Earth meme more ressembles a “TAR-BABY” tactic than a specific “NASA DBA Strategy”. FE is used universally in every conspiracy topic these days as an effective Appeal to Ridicule fallacy. even the President (Obama) says so, and he’s the alpha male, right ?

      It’s the third time i’ve said that. I’ll probably say it three more times. See ? In my line of work, you got to keep repeating things over, and over, and over again. For the truth to sink in. To kind of catapult the propaganda.
      — W Bush

      1. ab Post author

        Thanks Unreal. May this forum always foster such questioning of everyone (except a few, including me, since this is my site?).

        1. UNreal

          Ab, there can be no exception for critical thought !

          lol, i think us Fakeologists and likeminded individuals have far more in common than we would like to admit. the (critical) thinking we engage in is quite problematic and sometimes painful as we are such a minority amongst the general population. we are also under constant attack by the PRC as in the current paradigm the rulers also control the opposition some of feel part of, and that the general public identifies us with. who writes the conspiracy books, who really produce “alternative” radio shows, and what directors can make controversial (unpopular) documentaries ?

          The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.
          — Lenin

  2. xilefflex

    LTV seems to have got up the nose of The Paulstal Service, aka Kentrailer aka Norway Research very quickly…


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