1 thought on “Revisiting the OK City bombing vicsims

  1. richard benedict

    For important background on understanding OKC bombing as PSYOP here is
    Episode 91
    “Hoax Busters:Mass Shootings and Psychological Operations”



    Classic media fakery discussion between Ab and Chris Kendall on PSYOP components, including sims [e.g. Lanza and John Hinckly jr. ] and vicsims . Ab calls in around the 2 hour mark and has an long conversation with Chris and other callers discussing the mechanics of PSYOPS, including Sandy Hook, Reagan Assassination and Oklahoma City Bombing. The first 2 hours are excellent as well as Chris explicates on media fakery. I found this call an excellent complement to a discussion of the OKC bombing. As Ab points out, the same template is used and, once you recognize the pattern, you can see through the deception.

    OKC was one of those high profile events I lived through. Looking back through fakologist lenses, I easily see the PSYOP. For example, I remember watching CNN live shortly after the bomb went off. I remember the reporter standing 2 blocks away and interviewing the FBI’s top domestic terrorism expert, who just happen to be in OKC, far from his office in Washington D.C. as he stood amidst the dust and scampering spectators. Within hours after the bombing, the CNN, had its composite drawing of JOHN DOE #2, drawn from the much vilified American Militia movement.

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