Audiochat-Victoria’s Birthday

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Xileffelix, Tom Dalpra, Rollo, and Ab discuss the week’s events.


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5 thoughts on “Audiochat-Victoria’s Birthday

  1. Blue Moon

    For you Miles Mathis readers, here’s an interesting blogger who gets a lot of the media fakery (Not perfect- He thinks there is some exotic tech stuff out there, but I have hope he’ll drop that eventually)- He’s the originator of the Paul McCartney twin theory that Mathis enhanced (Google search: Sir Faul to be taken right to the original essay)-

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Sorry for jabbering on and talking over people. I should have taken myself to room nine.
    Good to hear from you Felix and to chat with you all.

    1. xilefflex

      Indeed, Tom. Sorry for falling asleep Ab – I was getting a little tired [but not emotional], just listening to the chat and suddenly it was hours later… should have taken myself to room 9 earlier. Nice to chat.
      Here’s the LTV film for your amusement.

    2. xilefflex

      Since we touched on DLR, “new drumming footage” was unearthed just prior to the third anniversary…
      There are several videos there.
      Notice the cut in the Good Morning Britain interview with his mother [which actually is from 2014], at 2.23, around the tissue section, one of several. Nice of ITV to share its “exclusive” interview with the Telegraph.…

      The Angel of Woolwich’s interview is from 2016.

      Here’s his mum’s interview from May 2016 on Forces TV…

      note the change between 0.50 and 1.25.

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