Get terminal brain cancer, launch a huge tour

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This story makes little sense. He’s got a terminal cancer, has done all 3 demonic treatments (slash, burn, poison), and he’s in perfect health to go on tour.

Oh, and they’ve got a new album.

Does cancer seem to be a promotional vehicle for this tour? It put it at the top of the Canadian news cycle for the week/day. This alone makes it worth considering for .

Obviously they removed the critical thinking part of his brain.

Tragically Hip singer Gord Downie diagnosed with terminal brain cancer

It’s hasn’t been that long since infamous Toronto Rob Ford was written out of the script with his mysterious, fast acting, not questioned cancer.

It’s easy to accept that these celebutards could have cancer, since so many of us know people that have and have died of cancer. The expensive and 98% ineffective treatments are constantly promoted – with no one really questioning the utter failure of these celebrated treatments.

Instead, more fundraising by top heavy corporations are promoted – to find a Big Pharma – that owns medicine – solution.

Nevermind that eating raw, juicing, and avoiding GMO and manufactured foods could work – all without a prescription.

To further add suspicion to this story, we have two other infamous cases that don’t help prove the veracity of this story.

He said the cancer is “incurable” and will eventually claim the singer’s life.

Notable people who have died from this type of cancer include Beau Biden, the son of U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden, and former U.S. senator Ted Kennedy.

I’m not a big fan of the band, but I did like a few songs – possibly because of Canadian laws, that force stations to psychic drive local music into your brain until you – well, submit.

Local fakeologist musician Tom’s views on this will be most welcome.

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8 thoughts on “Get terminal brain cancer, launch a huge tour

  1. aralsea

    I’ve been listening to Buffalo WBEN radio and they mentioned Gord’s cancer. Apparently they are very popular in Buffalo. When Rob Ford died, WBEN didn’t even mention it. You might think a mayor of a nearby city dying would get a mention on the radio.

  2. Laurie

    I think they are trending these “positive” cancer stories to incorporate in into everyday life like a common cold or the flu. It seems every day there is a new “celebrity” being diagnosed. John Stossel has lung cancer – he will be fine. Shirley Muldowney has been diagnosed with lung cancer just today – removal of her entire lung will make life just fine afterwards.

    Another crap story they are pushing is that WE are pretty much responsible for half of the cancers we get. They claim if we simply eat right (GMO’s or no GMO’s, Growth hormones or no growth hormones), exercise and do everything else in moderation your chance of getting cancer is cut in half.

    And who can forget Angelina Jolie (allegedly) having her breasts removed because she carries a “marker” that indicates she “might” get breast cancer. I wonder if this is another lifestyle choice that will decrease our chances of getting cancer?

    I also am noticing the amount of movies, TV shows, etc., for kids that talk about terminal disease as if its an acceptable part of our everyday lives now. Have to make kids nowadays as RESILIENT as possible, due to the horrors of terrorism, disease and just getting up in the freaking morning!

    Clues has a great topic called Engineering disease: (…) which also includes engineered cures. The newest trend for treating cancer seems to be going towards immunotherapy which involves genetically modifying our T-cells (yeah great idea!) and it also includes vaccinations throughout treatment. Cha-Ching!!!

  3. Tom Dalpra

    Well, I’ll have a look then.
    I’m not familiar with this band and this isn’t a story in the UK.

    What has been a good story in the UK in recent times, and is perhaps worth a mention first, is the Wilko Johnson story.
    Wilko Johnson is an English singer, guitarist, songwriter and actor, particularly associated with the pub rock/rhythm and blues band Dr. Feelgood in the 1970s. – Wikipedia

    Johnson was famously, in 2013, diagnosed with ‘terminal cancer’.
    After electing not to receive chemotherapy and being given ‘nine or ten months’ to live he embarked
    on a sold-out farewell tour of the country claiming it made him feel ”vividly alive”. His ‘in-the-moment’ positivity was infectious and the press and TV were all over him.
    Check-out him asking ”Why didn’t I do this years ago? ” in this BBC clip.

    To be honest, Wilko’s customary gaunt appearance and wired expression on stage always looked fairly ‘sick’ anyway (which was what apparently landed him the part of mute executioner in the Game of Thrones in 2011, a perhaps notable very mainstream little acting role). Anyway, he certainly seemed to be in his element and the gigs were a great success with a groundswell of understandable goodwill towards the ‘classic British rocker’.

    With the sold-out tour over Wilko then announced he was going to spend his last days recording an album with legendary The Who singer, Roger Daltrey, no less. He did, and it was good.
    Released in March 2014 it went straight to number one ” Get in there!”

    Then, directly following this success, in April 2014 it was announced that Johnson had undergone radical surgery to treat his illness, and the doctors were hopeful that his prognosis would be good.
    By the Q Awards Ceremony in October 2014 as he collected his ICON award he announced that he was cancer free !

    ”Whoo hoo!!” What a story. Fantastic.
    I, like many others was rooting for him all the way and I was ( and am ) really pleased. I was ‘lifted’ by that.

    The question here is though, could this possibly have been orchestrated ?
    An acting job for Wilko, sold to him as a positive cancer story ?

    My thinking is, IF, the Wilko case was theatre, then this Tragically Hip affair would be more likely the same program – the nature and purpose of, I don’t understand exactly, right now.
    Would it simply, be a positive cancer story for the industry ? A powerful message of ‘Cancer hope’ spread through popular culture ? Good for business?
    My daughter, now 12, is and always been, a great source of what is being spoonfed to our children.
    What’s her favourite film at the moment ? The film all the girls watched at a sleepover the other day ?
    Some teen film about terminal cancer. Mmm ”nice darling”.

    The name Tragically Hip does lend itself rather to this scenario.
    If your man Gord does the tour to good reviews and the album sells well, then they find some ‘radical surgery’ to cure him, we could certainly identify a pattern emerging .


    BBC two days ago…these stories can run and run. Lifetime job.…

    One of my favourite quotes was that his 3kg tumour was ”The size of a baby” . Nice, thanks for that.…

    1. ab Post author

      Was it 3.3kg exactly? Thanks Tom, these stories are seeded internationally by psyops AngloAmerica. Only now with easy access to them via DARPA’s Internet can we easily see the template.

  4. eddy

    this is a repeat story, it worked with iron maide’s singer, Bruce Dickinson, his cancer treatent story is not credible
    i would have thought oncologists would be above hoaxes but the hospitals went along with the ebola hoax

    1. ab Post author

      Who says the hospitals have to go along with it? Only their name is being used – is the Dr. spokesman a real doctor or actor? Is the press conference really at the hospital? So many ways to simulate…

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