Did they simulate the Crocodile Hunter’s death?

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Shane wonders, like I mentioned in a recent audiochat, if one of the most famous Aussies is really dead, or in the DCP (dead celebutards program).

I was wondering recently did Steve Irwin fake his death?

Steve Irwin allegedly died on September 4, 2006 at the age of 44. Double or multiples of 11 always seem to pop up with these alleged deaths of celebrities. It’s called occult numerology.


7 thoughts on “Did they simulate the Crocodile Hunter’s death?

  1. xilefflex

    Sounds pretty fake for me, single sourced, cheerful raconteur… plenty of people in the comments below this article call BS on it with regard to the “hundreds of times” quote:

    Mightn’t it be sometimes preferable to have a fake death rather than a divorce when a celeb marriage runs out of steam?

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Mmm, worth a further look for sure…I read it that people in the comments are mostly calling ”foul” on the misrepresentation of the article, rather than on the whole affair. . Irwin wasn’t stabbed hundreds of times and Lyons didn’t actually say that he was.

      However, his claim of ”wild stabbing from the tail , hundreds of strikes in a few seconds” is certainly questionable. Especially, perhaps coupled with the ‘up yours’ arm pumping gesture. Is Lyons deliberately exaggerating to make the incident seem more violent ?

      I still don’t think so, really. The pumping gesture seems a fair way to mimic a stingray stinging and perhaps this comment from the article explains the term ‘hundreds’-
      ”A discussion on reddit about this story seemed to confirm that “hundreds” is an expression that’s used by some people to mean “lots”, similar to how some people would say “tons” when the actual weight might be far far less. ”

      We’ll have to ask Rollo if ”hundreds” is an expression used in Australia in this way.

      Looking at Stingray attacks on humans, it’s certainly an extremely rare and freakish accident that is said to have killed Steve Irwin. I think I heard his wife likening it to ‘tripping over and falling on a pencil’ !

      When we read that this death by stingray was only the 3rd in recorded history in Australia, we see that she’s actually not exaggerating.

      I’ve rewatched Lyons interview and if he is a liar, he does a good job in my book. At the moment I’m still cautiously saying it was a real freak accident.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    On Irwin’s death , I’ll say ”real”, right now.
    That said, all I’ve just done on reading this post is watch this interview . I tend to think it’s credible, but I’ve been wrong before.

    1. Terran Downvale

      I vote for for “not real.” What real reason do we have to think that he actually died? All we have is the account of the guy in the above video, which to me pretty much says it all. And his daughter Bindi is completely caught up in the celebutard programming machine with her appearance on Dancing With The Stars. As sweet as she might seem and as likeable as Steve “was,” it seems they are “one of those families.” You might find this post I did on Bindi last year of interest: plus.google.com/11241348958230…

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Ah Wow. The salad dressing test and Bindi ( check Terran’s link above if you haven’t )
        That’s quite striking stuff Terran. once more.

        Now I have a slightly better feel for these people I would be moving quite quickly round to a position of suspecting ”not real” is probably the answer to the original question.

  3. Terran Downvale

    I hope you don’t mind if I take this opportunity to post an image and video tangentially related to Steve Irwin. I think you Fakeologists will get a kick out of it. I originally thought the guy on the left was some kind of Photoshop Sim based on the image of Irwin and possibly Russell Crowe. I’ve since seen him moving around on video in some courtroom footage (which I guess could still be CGI, but I doubt it) and more importantly realized that Russell Crowe is the key to the joke here (along with Ryan Gosling).

    Here’s the video version of my discovery (with the help of CF’s Anthony B):

    And here’s the text of my post and the comparison photo:

    Can they make it any clearer to you that we live in a scripted reality where “truth” and fiction are indistinguishable from one another, and Hollywood in-jokes pervade made-up “news” stories, crafted to horrify and sicken you and tarnish your image of humanity?

    *You are being manipulated by the media every minute of every day whether you realize it or not.*

    It’s time to *WAKE UP* and *DEMAND* that this insanity *END NOW!*


    The Nice Guys: www.imdb.com/title/tt3799694/

    The Not-So-Nice Guys: www.yahoo.com/news/father-son-…

    The release date swap with _Central Intelligence:_ deadline.com/2015/03/the-nice-…

    My previous post on this story pointing out the likely Simulated suspects: plus.google.com/u/0/1124134895…

    Right-click “View Image” to see it full-size:


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