HBC427-Fakery goes way back

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With Chris,  John, KHam,  Rollo plugging fakeologist.com.

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2 thoughts on “HBC427-Fakery goes way back

  1. UNreal

    an interesting show, good to hear Fakeologist’ calling in !

    Rollo made a very good point about direct simultaneous observation of the moon, done by him and Ab on opposite sides of the “globe”. it would have been interesting if such facts actually could have informed the following discussion, but unfortunately it didn’t. normally Chris Kendall is very open and logical, except on the Flat Earth subject where he seems to have given up*. all the constituents of sound reasoning are not present in the current HoaxBustersCall picture of FE pertaining to the origin, shape and mechanics of Earth.

    we do not have all the grammar to make out the logic behind the construct we live on/in called Earth. selecting parts of the grammar like flightpaths is not enough to put this FE case to rest. regarding the shape of Earth, there is a lot of grammar today that is contradictory. i understand it’s not interesting to everyone to sort out the Flat Earth conspiracy chapter, but to to be adamant about a certain shape or model is hazardous especially if it is based on cherry-picking facts.

    “There’s No Time For A Meeting Of The Flat-Earth Society”
    — Obama

    until all the grammar is consistent to support one particular model, i will personally shy away from the mainstream view, model and scientific propaganda and prefer to be labelled a “conspiracy theorist” aka a “Flat Earther”,,, i hope the discussion can withstand at least here on Fakeologist in an open-minded fashion.


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