Health crisis actors

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There’s no doubt brain injury faker Gabby Giffords has been caught by the youtube hive mind over and over again. Here she is mangling the word courage but perfectly pronouncing the more difficult word courageous.

I wonder if Tragically Hip lead singer Gord Downie is faking it. His band has a called Courage. God knows he will need it if he’s really got cancer, and even more if he’s pulling off a stunt.

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3 thoughts on “Health crisis actors

    1. ab Post author

      If Roger was faking it, they did a pretty good job on the makeup. I haven’t studied him lately, but my guess is they did some surgery to his face. What do you think Hare?

      1. Hare Brain

        I have no idea. His partner Gene Siskel died of a brain tumor. There’s always a moral to these death stories. Maybe the moral is: don’t spend your life watching movies, it’s not healthy. I remember them talking about their favorite candy when they watched movies, so maybe that’s it. Bad sugary diets lead to cancer. Modern diets are quite harmful. Gene Siskel shared a birthday with Eddie Van Halen, who had tongue cancer. Eddie didn’t blame his cancer on his smoking, he blamed it on holding metal guitar picks in his mouth. Roger Ebert shares the same birthday with Paul McCartney if that means anything – Linda McCartney had breast cancer, she was a famous vegetarian. Maybe vegetarian diets are dangerous as well. Be careful of what you put in your mouth.


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