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Best Mandela psyop deconstruction

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I never heard of the Mandela anything until the flat earth (psyop) came on the scene.

Calcified Lies does a brilliant job on this one. One of the few very sharp youtubes.

Watch “Inception: Retroactive Interference and the Mandela/Misinformation Effect” on YouTube

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The Occult Significance Of 11

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Aleister Crowley called 11 “the great magical number, as uniting the antithesis of 5 and 6, etc.” One of the things to which this refers is combining the five pointed microcosm pentagram and six pointed macrocosm hexagram which results in 11 points. 


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Python, penis, squat

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Just doing my daily search for squatting  and how to manage your penis, and what comes up but this little gem.

— A Thai man is recovering from a bloody encounter with a 10-foot python that slithered through the plumbing of his home and latched its jaws onto his penis as he was using a squat toilet.


Who says the hoax writers don’t read this site. Am I supposed to be afraid of my new found squatting preference?

Incidentally, pythons are constrictors and don’t bite. Luckily the media consumers don’t look to such details.

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