Best Mandela psyop deconstruction

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I never heard of the Mandela anything until the () came on the scene.

Calcified Lies does a brilliant job on this one. One of the few very sharp youtubes.

Watch 0;Inception: Retroactive Interference and the Mandela/Misinformation Effect” on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Best Mandela psyop deconstruction

  1. Henkus

    Very good deconstruction. +1 for CalcifiedLies.

    So…. , has anyone here on this website ever encountered the ‘Mandela effect’ him/herself?
    I surely have not.
    Then again I am not american and most examples given that should prove this even exists are american advertisements… wich I never saw.

    When should even Mandela have died then? (engrish?)
    Adam curry also brought this up. I think its total fiction.


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