Vegan fakery?

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I call this a suspicious story at best. I can’t quite get a handle on why veganism is being promoted by the media powers. Are they for it or against it? This story scores one for the meat eaters, apparently.

Climber who sought to prove vegans can do anything dies attempting to summit Mt. Everest…

Interesting that Mt Everest is 29029 feet (1111) tall, yet another occult number that no one is this world could easily verify.

Mount Everest
Mountain in Nepal and China, Earth’s highest mountain, with a peak at 8,848 metres (29,029 feet) above sea level


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6 thoughts on “Vegan fakery?

  1. More_questions_than_answers

    Hello Ab Irato et al,

    My opinion:

    Veganism is a technique used by the powers that should-never-have-been, to physically weaken the population, which includes impairing cognitive function. Historically, many slaves were deprived of meat and provided with enough plant food to work but yet not enough to find the strength to rise against their masters. By creating a system of factory farming and other atrocities against our animal brethren, which are indeed horrible processes, it has allowed the powers to assume the dialectic and market a pseudo-healthy diet which despite ongoing praise by Rollo, in most humans, will allow a short term detox but fail after some years when the body realises that it is not getting the necessaries from plants alone. The idea then is that a ever increasing section of the population will be too fragile and without energy to oppose the psychopaths who keep them in their figurative cages. I myself am vegetarian because I have the sensibility to understand that really, humans are at a stage where we should not be eating animals, especially if the only reason to be found is ‘I like the taste of meat’. It’s a similar mindset that allows the elite themselves to justify why they live as parasites from us ‘cowans’ and bottom-feeders’. The ‘circle of life’ junk that paedophile and ‘useful idiot’ Elton John sings about is far removed from the Disney version when you see the pain and suffering of animals and humans alike. I abhor the elite’s methods when it comes to what they are willing to do to harness nature in their attempt to reach godlike status, but finding an alternative to mass murder of living, breathing, feeling, sentient life seems like a noble cause to me and I intuit that there are scientific methods that have been created in secret that are able to provide humans with the necessary nutrition without the unnecessary slaughter. Anyway, what more proof of the elite hand in Veganism than having celibritard Joaquin Phoenix narrate the very popular ‘Earthlings’ documentary which has understandingly convinced so many empathetic people to give up dairy and eggs.

    On a different note, you mentioned that you were going to watch Michael Moore’s latest propaganda piece ‘Where to Invade Next’. I watched it myself and I’m sure you’ll agree that the whole dog and pony show was created to predictively programme the audience that a woman should be in power to ensure peace and prosperity for all, just in time for S-hillary Clinton to enter her new position as U.S president. I can’t remember where he was quoting from, but Alan Watt mentioned that some old prophecy states that the world will run blood red when a woman is placed at the defacto position of overlord which judgnig by where we are along in their game, will probably be true. Of course Hillary is a mandroid puppet and cannot be legitimately called a woman, but you understand what I’m saying. Oh, the other obvious propaganda in amidst the gamut of lies in that documentary was the celebration of abortion rights in Tunisia. Again, how that human excrement Moore twists moral and ethics at the behest of his eugenical masters.

    I hope you find my observations worthy, If you yourself are legitimate, then kudos on the wonderful platform you have created here. Please bring back anonymous chat.


    1. ab Post author

      Lovely comment. Please register and join us for an audiochat as well. I saw WTIN and didn’t think of it from the Hillary angle, but I can see how you saw it. He forgot to mention how those lovely socialist utopias confiscate a huge chunk of taxes at every turn, increasingly to fund a bloated Soviet in Brussels. I did like the choice of cheeses in elementary schools. Beats mac and cheese any day of thee week.

    2. Blue Moon

      Wait- What? You say slaves were denied meat but we should now be vegans??? What am I missing, here? If there is secret technology that can sustain us without eating meat, do you really think us “useless eaters” are going to get any of it? No. In my view, veganism, like global climate warming change and sheep hugging, is an ideological drain on the collective intuition- Like NAZA being a drain on talent for technological innovation, where clever minds are steered into a technological dead end, this “green” stuff and the self-castrating PC fascism that comes with it, is just the same- Where altruism and community spirit could make this world a better place, we instead are encouraged to buy into the idea that we humans are the worst thing that could have ever happened to Mother Earth- This “scientifically based” massive self-loathing is far more efficient in keeping down the slaves than starving them-

      1. More_questions_than_answers

        Hello Blue Moon,

        I find this a convoluted topic so bear with me as I try to express what I want to say.

        Ok, so I do believe that Veganism is an elite backed movement and is an unhealthy diet for the majority of people in the long term. No doubt that it’s being subtly pushed through all mediums from the top down to devitalise human beings. A meat free diet will indubitable affect libido to some degree which in turn is not hurting the obvious de-population agenda which is, it seems, very important to the big boys. Also, alternative soy based diets affect hormones and therefore produce a disease producing overload of estrogen in women and effeminising lack of testosterone in men.

        That I find this movement potentially damaging to the individual does not mean that the premise is not valuable.I applaud the choice of being vegan for those who do so in order to stop animal suffering because it shows a sensibility for other life forms that I respect. The pity is that I believe most of these people will be faced with the prospect of having to take a step back down the line and at least resume consumption of dairy products to survive. I imagine the genetics of a minority will be able to synthesize a lifelong plant based diet etc which is great, but most will start to weaken after a 5 year period.

        To clarify what you are confused about Mr. Moon, what I am saying is that in my subjective ideal existence, no animals would be eaten, used, manipulated or bothered and we as an advanced race of conscious creatures that I would like us to be, would be subsisting on an alternative ethical scientifically produced diet that gave us all the nutrition and maybe more that a current healthy meat based diet provides. I understand however that the hoi polloi will never receive this healthy alternative that I believe already exists just as the easy cancer cures that exist will never be released to the public either.

        I hope that you will agree with me that the criminal elite have used the dialectic to exacerbate the animal farming situation so that they can blame human beings for their intentional psychopathic escapades and bring on their intended synthesis ie veganism to weaken the population, or do you support the sickness of battery farming and industrial livestock production etc which is accepted by the public due to the fallacy of overpopulation itself? Given a say in the matter, wouldn’t you prefer a system of local farms where animals bred for execution were at least are given a full life in the open air, free of lifelong agony etc before they are sacrificed for your consumption?

        That people are tricked into supporting ostensibly good causes is unfortunate, but does that mean that all the real world environmental problems of the world should be ignored? Should we berate victims of China’s killer smog for being too much into “green” stuff because they want clean cities to live in? The problem I see is that the victims are running for help from the very same criminals who are ultimately responsible for building the horrible system which is killing them. Not that the humans that you deem to be so precious could not do with an good dose of conscience themselves. There are those who thrive in a psychopathic system and there are others who will still do what they can to avoid hurting other beings, human or otherwise, while living in global system where the chaos effect means so much of how we live can influence people across the globe. For me it’s not about feeling guilty, it’s about being aware of the consequences of your current actions. The elites are engineering an increasingly intricate system where it is becoming more difficult to keep the moral compass northwards, but for me it’s important to continue to try.



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