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The nuke (power) hoax costs you directly

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This is why every Ontarian should care about the nuke hoax. As usual, even the increase is encoded with their occult numerology.

Nuclear weapons are not real.
Nuclear power is not real.
Nuclear science is fiction.

Of course all this money will go into the giant slush fund that is paid directly to the private swindlers who pose as nuclear contractors. A portion also goes to the failed green corpse that operates the massively inefficient green solar and wind power.

Ontario Power Generation has applied for a whopping 69 per cent increase in the amount it is paid for nuclear power over the next five years.

OPG says it needs the increase to help pay for the $12.8-billion refurbishment of the Darlington nuclear station, which the government announced in January to extend the life of the reactors by another 30 years.

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance says OPG’s application shows it wants nine cents a kilowatt hour for the power produced from Darlington


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NASA drone off script

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If this call is real, then clearly the nasacrats cannot go off script and make sense. It’s akin to Tom Cruise of Barry Soetero doing off the cuff commentary or interpolation.

Watch “NASA Deputy Team Manager Has Never Seen Hubble in Real-Time in 25 years!” on YouTube

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