2 thoughts on “Monkey talk

  1. MH

    I think the gorilla story is the start of the new anti-animal psy-op.

    The last few weeks on Facebook there have been strange videos showing very large pit bulls and great danes hanging out with small children. These videos are portrayed as “these animals are safe” but you can’t help but feel unsettled that this large animal can make one small move and crush the child. I believe that is on purpose.

    There was also another video of a cow savagely beating a group of people who were raping/stoning a girl. These videos are great mindf*cks because they are ambiguous. Regardless whether you play one of the manufactured sides of the debate, deep down everyone is thinking the same thing: “These animals are potentially dangerous”.

    The goal is to slowly push us away from our animals, like they are breaking apart the family, relationship, and the races in order to make us unhappy and buying more crap we don’t need and relying more on the state for our comfort.

    1. ab Post author

      I think it’s more just a test to see what fakery is believed. There seems to be an anti-zoo meme floating too. Also, there is a new gorilla movie coming out. Call this promotion.

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