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The delusion of the masses

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My comment: Couldn’t agree more. The fact that “experts” agree that the twin towers were demolished by two planes and their hot fuel etc. etc. despite “science” saying it’s not possible is proof enough that an entire population will go along with an illusion just to stay in the herd. Check out cluesforum.info and fakeologist.com for more.

Have you heard of the McMartin Preschool Trial? If not, you probably think it is unlikely that the majority of experts on any given topic could be fooled. But trained persuaders see a world in which everyone is living in an illusion all the time. When a million people share the same illusion – even if they are recognized experts – it doesn’t tell you much about reality. It only tells you those experts were persuaded in the same direction. By something. That something might be the truth. But there is no reason to think so. Thus, trained persuaders tend to be skeptical of experts – no matter how unified those experts are – because mass delusions among experts is normal and expected.According to science.

Source: Trump: Man of Science? | Scott Adams Blog

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