Audiochat-Tom Dalpra, Ab, Hoi Polloi, Ohalahan

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Eclectic bunch chatting it up. Good variety of voices talking fakeology of course – nukes, Caitlin Gender Bender, writing to Congress. Look for the next Clues Chronicles, where I’ll do my first ever interview with another host!



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1 thought on “Audiochat-Tom Dalpra, Ab, Hoi Polloi, Ohalahan

  1. Black Dog

    Thanks for the invite and kind mention guys. I do not have computer/internet combo available in a place where I can talk.. I use public computers where thankfully everyone is quiet.. Assuming that is what I’d need.

    As per the mistrust, it of course is mutual, who the hell can you trust anymore?.. That said, I trust you guys, if I didn’t I wouldn’t listen, and I like to consider myself quite intuitive when it comes to who to trust.. Sometimes I mistrust not because I think someone is so much a covert misinformer but because they simply don’t seem to get enough things right or plain don’t seem to know what they’re talking about for what ever reason (enough of the time anyway). Which is usually when I comment ..or quit listening all together. Am I rambling.. ha..haha…hahaha. That’s funny, because rambling is pretty much all we do here — all talk and no action. And that’s okay.. ramble on gentleman, this is helping to keep us sane in these insane times. I guess one man’s rambler is another man’s eccentric genius.. You all finally did agree that’s what I was, right? ..Another eccentric genius.. being held back by the current sway of corporate malfeasance over the all too obliging, mostly ignorant, populace of this world. World-wide corruption now rewarding apathetic, stoic, unquestioning, denying of truth, blindly following, traitors over honest, good, truth seeking, questioning men. Demonizing true intellectuals of any type who expose their lies … A behemoth we ironically fed and still feed by being any part of, consuming, toiling for, enslaved by, while these monsters squash all but the purest of goodness out of every one of us.. I appreciate that.

    Note: not having internet I am often behind on my replies and or comments.

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