6/11 and a 22 year old

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We’ve been overdue for a US shooting.

The Voice singer Christina Grimmie targeted in fatal concert shooting
Singer, , had performed in Orlando Friday and was signing autographs when she was shot


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6 thoughts on “6/11 and a 22 year old

      1. ab Post author

        Is there a band island for all these lost up-and-comers? All of these people are probably anonymous in their own cities in hours, if not days. Bring on the next culture creators – there are so many waiting to take their place(s).

        1. Blue Moon

          There was once a thing known as a Q rating- Too lazy to look up what Q stood for, but it was allegedly a measurement of a celebrity’s popularity, trustworthiness, integrity, etc.- Wally Cronkite had the best Q rating it was said- “Most trusted man in America”- A “poll” result likely created out of the same nothingness that money comes from-
          But, what if there were advanced metrics that could give a good indication of a profitable future for one act or another based on this and that tried and true formula, and updated on the hour- These fast breaking newbies have their stats analyzed, and the deeper figures say Bust! What do you do with your initial investment? Turn it into a psy-op that demoralizes (always an important ingredient for control maintenance) and also scare parents and kids not connected to the octopus to not even try to compete- Show biz is too dangerous-*

          *Just thought of something- Suspicion still lingers about Dave McGowan- All those “deaths” in the Laurel Canyon milieu he wrote about might be an earlier version of what happened to this Grimmie (What agent would let a client emerge into the public sphere with that moniker?) She, like Selena, the so-called Mexican Madonna (She didn’t speak a word of Spanish) years ago, grabs the attention of young girls and then is murdered- That will kill a lot of talent in its embryonic stage- Was McGowan peddling fear and demoralizing us old folks deliberately with his weird scenes? He seemed to think psy-ops like Manson were real- His final book version was disappointing, pulling a lot of punches- He was important in outing these guys, but to what purpose? In the aggregate, I think he was a tool, complete with the Brazilian retirement bungalow, nice guy though he seemed to be-

      2. Hare Brain

        and what are those guys up to? what is life like for a dead musician? they’re very popular people, lots of friends, acquaintances, fans, business associates, lovers – even if they’re only known locally, there are tons of people who know them.

        I sometimes ask regular normal people how many facebook friends they have. It’s typically 200-300. For a guy in a band, it has to dwarf that.

        you could follow the social media trail and find actual friends of these people, and if they’re mourning them. or maybe show up at a funeral or memorial service.

        what kind of lifestyles do these dead people lead? and is it possible to actually find them and provide smoking gun evidence that they still live?

        and hiding the existence of a bunch of singers who never amounted to anything is rather curious.

        how many crisis musical actors are out there?

        do they switch gender at death? is that the secret?

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