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Excellent description of strawman being strewn throughout these .

But before that, let me just caution newbies and lurkers not to quickly latch on to the deliberate straw men that are placed in thesestories. It’s all so predictable that I thought it appropriate to just lay it out for those who come here, and just maybe I can save someone from the aggravation involved. (Note: I’m going to create a separate thread later on disinformation campaigns later- but my work on that was disrupted by this event).

Don’t worry, the usual shills will dutifully be ready to focus on the straw men (conflicting accounts, multiple shooters, etc.) and promptly declare this a false flag. Then their counterparts (colleagues) will begin to 0;comment” with name calling and inflamed bickering. 

Then Snopes and company will come along and “debunk” the “conspiracy theory on Orlando terror” by merely tearing down their propped up straw men, and ignoring the real flaws in the story and imagery so that people can resume their normal programming and disregard the crazy “conspiracy crowd”.

YouTube will push all that nonsense to Suggested Viewing and and curious (but sadly uninformed and unsuspecting) person who decides to “research” the event will be led into a maze of disinformation and madness (eg. Alex Jones). Such a person will either be safely herded into a a camp of scared (thus paralyzed with fear) and harmless people, or turned off (and away) by FE, aliens, lizard people, Mandella Effect psy ops, etc.….

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