9 thoughts on “When you’re off TV, you’re as good as dead anyway

      1. Tom Dalpra

        I wondered about Adam’s apples. Grimmie seems like a girl but does look like she’s got an Adam’s Apple.
        I found this and it makes sense of it to me,

        ”Myth: Women Don’t Have Adam’s Apples.
        In fact, it’s actually not that terribly uncommon if you were to look close enough to most women’s throats, though “man sized” Adam’s Apples are somewhat rare in women. The “Adam’s Apple” is really just an enlarged larnyx which becomes big enough to be visible in your neck. ”


          1. Tom Dalpra

            Girls can have ‘Adam’s Apples’. It’s not that uncommon. I’m willing to believe that right now.

            We’ve all got voice boxes.
            Some girls’ voice boxes show up. It doesn’t mean they’re men.

  1. Blue Moon

    I don’t think I ever told this story to anyone but here goes: A 90’s porn star who I will not name but was well connected in the porn food chain according to those she associated with, which put her within arm’s reach of very powerful people in intel and finance and whatnot, died in a bad way in her mid-twenties- They needed DNA to ID the body, or maybe it was teeth, but the point was that she was unrecognizable- I would swear on a stack of Korans that I saw her about a year later- I was walking down the street in Frisco, in a high end neighborhood, and approached her while wearing a look of total confusion- She turned briefly, there was no mistaking her face, and gave me the most evil look you could imagine, just daring me to acknowledge who she really was- She was dressed in sweats and little make up, but she was never all that made up on screen so it was definitely her- I walked right on by, scared shitless at the implications-
    Of course you can take my word for it or not, but today, of course, I have no doubt that minor celebs just head off to oblivion without needing to hide- Indeed, if the TV says you’re dead, you’re dead-

    1. ab Post author

      BM:Great story. You should be a writer (of course you are here!) Please log in so I don’t have to keep approving your unlogged in comments.

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