Orlando: Deadliest EVER shooting US psyop

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I spoke too soon about the lack of US shooting hoaxes…(ask and you shall receive??)

A gunman carrying a handgun and an assault-style weapon opened fire at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., early Sunday, killing at least 50 people and wounding at least 53 others.

: ‘An Attack On Any American … Is An Attack On All Americans’
It is the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.


2 in 2 days for Orlando… Guess it’s more efficient this way.  What say you Micky?

CLUESFORUM on the Gay Pulse

How I see it makes a phone call to Orlando police.

Pathetic crisis actor forgets son’s name

John le Bon did a podcast

Zack by the

(pocketsofthefuture) weighs in


Taking the Vicsims back TO the scene of the crime:

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7 thoughts on “Orlando: Deadliest EVER shooting US psyop

  1. Bruce

    The “Lie”ninen woman said her son’s name is Christopher (her name own character’s name is Christine I think).
    This report shows a picture of the same kid, and calls him “Drew” Leinenen – she totally flubbed the line, but it seems not to have filtered through to all production units:

    Even the last name, reminds me of the scene in Fletch: “I’m John – John who? – John uh cock toast tonemm…”

  2. Lotusisnotashark

    HERES WHAT I’D LIKE TO DO …. start making fake videos right now onto YouTube about “our personal pulse survival experiences” … We could get into graphic detail of our personal account but always make it perfectly reflect the news stories (eg we could say I saw I big guy with Fedora and American flag shirt escape in left corner and I followed, thank god I survived”

    Also highlight how it was impossible to take footage in the nightclub during the shooting because either

    A) a mysterious loss of signal occurred at that point preventing me from using mobile phone OR
    B) it was impossible to take any footage since it was so scary and my hands were shaking so much.

    So we go into graphic details recounting our experience of surviving. We could even use our own private symbol in our YouTube videos to represent its fake like we all wear orange or something…

    THEN what’s going to happen is it will eventually help to reveal that the shooting was fake since no one who actually was at the shooting will put out their videos… It’s ill key also since no real account are on YouTube, hilariously some news shows will then replay these fake YouTube videos we make haha

    If the Fedora American flag shirt guy can be so emotionally stable and chill, many other survivors could be chill too and be so keen to retell their expereince on YouTube?

    However making a video which is me on video about a fake experience I am telling makes me scared I will somehow get in trouble somehow or something so it’s just an idea !! But it would be pretty hilarious having a bunch of gay night club fake videos up – but we would have to start now to make effective fake impact.

  3. Hare Brain

    Someone could try to investigate if this is a real event, and I’m always suggesting the same thing: check the hospital and emergency room and snoop around.

    1. psyopticon

      Looks like they’d considered that possibility of fakeologists snooping at the emergency room.

      This interview of Dr Michael Cheatham, trauma surgeon at Orlando Regional Medical Center, speaks of a ‘lock-down’ at the hospital. With the public barred from entering. Very important for pulling off the hoax.

      Here are Dr Cheatham’s well-scripted words… (Bit gauche to have Cheatham, an emergency doctor, wandering into the religion and politics of it.)

      “It’s been very hectic. We knew immediately that we had mass casualties coming. We knew at least twenty to start. So, three of us immediately came in. We have one trauma surgeon that’s in-house around the clock. He called myself and one other surgeon in, once we realized how many victims we had. We then went ahead and called in another three surgeons, and opened another six operating rooms, on top of the two that we normally run at night, to be able to operate on the victims.

      All over, the vast majority of the gunshot wounds were to the chest, the abdomen and the extremities. We see quite a few gunshot wounds but nothing to this scale.

      The decision to lock-down we made in our command post, in our incidents command center. It was to make sure we could protect the patients and our staff, because we did not initially know how many shooters there were, or whether the shooter had been, erm, had been, erm, taken care of.

      It’s unfortunate we live in a world right now where there are many people that don’t value human life. Which is a shame and we see many events like this. So I think it’s already been mentioned by the imam, I think it raises the question of whether we need to seriously consider why these events are still occurring.”

      Doctor describes ‘very hectic’ scene at Florida Hospital — www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtzVl0… (h/t to Felix)

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