Trashing the conspiracy theory nut

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Fake stories to trash the critical thinkers.

I like the part about BBQ sausages and beer.

The story starts out friendly and gets completely nasty at the end.

My Dad, the Famous

r ten years, my father has run one of the largest and most influential German-language conspiracy theory blogs in the world. Alles Schall und Rauch (German for 0;All Smoke and Mirrors”) averages 50,000 hits a day. According to site analytics, over 180 million people have logged on since 2007. The platform serves as an entry level forum to the truther scene: It publishes daily articles about a wide range of current events, like the theory that the EgyptAir plane involved in a recent crash was shot down by the

Source: My Dad, the Famous Conspiracy Theorist | Broadly

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2 thoughts on “Trashing the conspiracy theory nut

  1. Barbara Müller

    Freeman’s real name is Manfred Petritsch and he is the owner of Spotnext AG and Tomnext AG, both registered in the Swiss. He seems to be very busy, selling a lot and collecting money like a priest, traveling a lot, not unhappy actually.

  2. Barbara Müller

    it’s this blog:
    That guy calls himself Freeman, which relates to a theory, that all citizens especially the German ones are a kind of employees or stuff of a corporation called Germany. That’s why we have to have an ID called Personalausweiss, which translates into stuff-ID. There also is an entry in a database called UPIK which supposedly contains all corporations worldwide. There is no such entry for the USA or other states but there are entries for many other states also.
    That Freeman is some sort of german Alex Jones. There are many of them doing pretty much the same: spreading german translations of all the internationally known shills, selling tickets for “conspiracy” meetings and selling survival or organic stuff. It’s interesting though to find out, he’s divorced, has a son abroad who’s sold himself to the mainstream.

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