8 thoughts on “Balls of steel calls the FBI

  1. UNreal

    Courageous indeed to call in bothering the police in their PR efforts,,

    it reminds us how unfair it is that the police can ignore the public and only answer to the press. so much for servicing the citizens. maybe “balls of steel” could take a hint from Chris Kendall who calls in as a HBC reporter (HBC aka Hoax Busters Call) ? i can’t see much of a difference between a public youtube channel and video news-reports anyway.

  2. Hare Brain

    Calling was a complete waste of time because it’s so predictable what would happen. If he had balls of steel, he could crash some of the 49 funerals coming up. Go to a funeral (not a memorial), talk to people, there could be a reception or dinner afterwards – get a sense if this was a real person or not.

    1. Vespadouglas

      Hare Brain . I attempted to go to one of these ” funerals ” last year . It really was a waste of time . The psycological impact of being the only person there amongst police , “mourners ” and spooks ( who it seemed were very interested in me ) was totally overwhelming . Unless youve got balls the size of watermelons the stress levels are a big ask.
      The 911 lady will retell this tale mockingly but hopefully it may trigger a spark in someone somewhere down the line.
      Good job.

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