Cracking wikipedia’s code – Les Canadiens fake

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This post is mostly to introduce a new blog on . I don’t have much use for professional ENTERTAINMENT, but everyone else does so I do keep in touch.

The Montreal Canadiens Dynasty Was Fixed – Straight From The Devil’s Mouth

At this point, my assumption is that all 23 of their Stanley Cups have been gifted. What I can tell you for sure is that all of their Cups in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s were rigged in their favor. I’m going to go after the red flags for each star player to let you know what was fixed and what other events were faked as well.

Source: The Montreal Canadiens Dynasty Was Fixed – Straight From The Devil’s Mouth


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8 thoughts on “Cracking wikipedia’s code – Les Canadiens fake

  1. Black Dog

    Another odd name “Ricco Monge” the “killer” or one of (… alleged? I don’t even know, not following closely but I flip through ocassionally and this odd name caught my attention). Then the “they leave clues” thinking had me analyzing the name, which unscrambled spells Greco-nomics.. I know, just a stretch but nonetheless that’s what I came up with. Greco-nomics, possibly not an official word that would be defined as: “Greco-Roman system of rules, laws, or knowledge” … Just guess work from my limited knowledge of the possibilities of hidden language and or messages in these questionable “news” events. (BTW “news” is simply an abbreviation of north, east, west, south or so I’ve heard.

    1. StraightFromTheDevilsMouth

      Those charities were all flagged in one large nest. Like I say in the “About” page, I just post what’s flagged, my interpretation may be wrong.

      If you are uncomfortable with all of those charities being fronts, it may have just been an indicator that all her charity work were photo-ops, and no donations or help actually took place.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Wow, if we were to believe only half of the things suggested in that article were true , how revelatory would it be, anyway ? It blows professional sport right out of the water.

    Not only are all their Stanley Cup wins called-out as fixes but we have faked deaths, manufactured legacies, spook families. This is all delivered in concise ‘bullet’ points.

    It would be interesting to see some of his research in more detail. There’s definitely a book there!
    From what I can tell about mainstream sport it all seems quite believable, to be honest.

    Sport seems to be important. Soccer is a sacred cow in the UK and I guess ice hockey is one in Canada.
    We’ll no doubt continue to be presented with the illusion of a fair game and of accountability. Rumours of any cheating within sports will be restricted to minor distractions and the big picture – IT’S ALL FIXED – won’t be a headline anytime soon. The sports machine is rolling and it’s not going to stop.

    Talking of ice hockey, that was the sport that really opened my eyes to the level of the fix with this image from the Boston bombing. It foreshadowed the 2013 Stanley Cup Final between Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins, months in advance. Read the T-shirts.

    The final itself was won dramatically in Boston with two goals within seconds right at the end, alluding to the double bomb blast right at the end of the marathon.
    That’s attention to detail.

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