Victims don’t value privacy

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One of the many idiotic idiosyncrasies of is the immediate release of personal family details within 2 to 24 hours of a tragedy. I dare say most families would never release any personal information at all. Normal people do not want their 15 mins of posthumous fame, especially since the dead can hardly give permission.

Most details are tried and true emotional tropes that repeat endlessly like a broken record.

For more than a year, Algie Parucha, her sister and sister-in-law dreamed of a business together.

Just eight weeks after the dream became reality, a nightmare shattered their family: the 38-year-old mother of two was struck and killed by an SUV that crashed into their market stand across from the Rogers Centre.

“We are saddened. We are shocked,” Karen Parucha told the Star. “She was just starting her life.”

As usual, and NOT coincidentally, the incident kicks off a preplanned campaign for legislation.…

Mayor John Tory is championing a new road safety plan that aims to cut serious collisions involving pedestrians and cyclists by 20 per cent over the next decade.

At a news conference on Spadina Ave. south of Dundas St. W. on Monday, Tory and public works chair Councillor Jaye Robinson unveiled a plan that would dedicate $68.1 million to road safety initiatives over the next five years. That’s roughly $40 million more than is currently allocated.

Psyops are emotional media stunts to drive legislation, and they are transparent for those with eyes to see.

Traumatized family mourns Algie Parucha, killed by errant SUV…

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