This is not a drill, this is not a joke

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I am convinced that people really died, that really did happen.

–Adam Curry

My thesis is the cops shot most of them.

John C. Dvorák

OK,  which ones Adam? Show us the proof.

I suggest everyone try and listen to this influential media deconstruction podcast leader and reconvene here soon after for a fakeologist media deconstruction of the deconstruction show.

This is the first time a major has occurred while I’ve been listening regularly to the show.

We are on a level playing field,  technologically speaking for the first time. They have the 0;wattage” but we can still get traction with common sense and clarity. Let’s do it.

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6 thoughts on “This is not a drill, this is not a joke

  1. farcevalue

    This has been coming for a while. Leading the followers over the cliff. We should be thankful they are getting the emails about green screens and such. Hopefully, they are entirely unrelated to Fakeologist and are thinking for themselves.

    When will the audio chatters be convening?

  2. Henkus

    For me Adam Curry gained credibility when he adressed the Demmink pedo thing.
    And lost his show on i think it was Skyradio in the Netherlands.
    I have been listening to the show for almost 2 years after I found it via this site.

    This maybe a good way to put it :
    “They always dance around the cluesforum mentality”

    I guess i am also quite done with no agenda.

  3. derealium

    Painful, actually impossible listen for me.
    This is the 2nd show after Orlando, the 1st one it had just happened, and Adam had already declared on the first one that “this really did happen, the guy did do this

    In this one he passingly mentions people sending him vids about greenscreen and immediately dismisses it to go into his tangled web of non-psyop bullshittery.

    They also didn’t discuss France or Belgium as possible psyops. They seem to be getting worse in that department, almost on par with Alex Jones in outright mocking people who question the legitimacy of the event.

    I guess the signs were there all along with Curry’s grandfather being CIA and his entire family on one side full of shills. Maybe we’ve witnessed a flip, as all they do for 2/3rd of the show now is apologize for Trump…and read donations. I’m about done with it, no matter how entertaining or polished it can be at times.

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