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More Orlando and 9/11

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Watch “Let’s KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Episode 8 (17th June 2016)” on YouTube

Jon Le Bon hosts Ro11o and Russianvids. RV is down to a few victims on 9/11 getting killed by falling debris, but he is pushing DGB Kennedy / Carter disinformation (which makes no logical sense considering his accurate info on so many subjects).

RV also set le Bon straight on the topic of “white genocide”.

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Amygdala hijack-tugging at heartstrings

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Why you get the sad stories before any details. Psyops are all carefully planned by experts in psychology.


This emotional brain activity processes information milliseconds earlier than the rational brain, so in case of a match, the amygdala acts before any possible direction from the neocortex can be received. If, however, the amygdala does not find any match to the stimulus received with its recorded threatening situations, then it acts according to the directions received from the neo-cortex. When the amygdala perceives a threat, it can lead that person to react irrationally and destructively.[3]

Goleman states that “[e]motions make us pay attention right now – this is urgent – and gives us an immediate action plan without having to think twice. The emotional component evolved very early: Do I eat it, or does it eat me?” The emotional response “can take over the rest of the brain in a millisecond if threatened.”[4][5] An amygdala hijack exhibits three signs: strong emotional reaction, sudden onset, and post-episode realization if the reaction was inappropriate.[4]

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