More Orlando and 9/11

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Watch 0;Let’s KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Episode 8 (17th June 2016)” on YouTube

Jon Le Bon hosts Ro11o and Russianvids. RV is down to a few victims on getting killed by falling debris, but he is pushing DGB Kennedy / Carter disinformation (which makes no logical sense considering his accurate info on so many subjects).

RV also set le Bon straight on the topic of 0;white genocide”.

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8 thoughts on “More Orlando and 9/11

  1. anounceofsaltperday

    Re Orlando Hoax Afterburn… sigh…

    DGB presents a model that key politicians are NOT using their certificated names when they run for office. This is confirmed by knowing that Jesse Ventura ran for office. JLB dsimisses DGB without any effort to disprove his work.

    The discussion on planes flying level is not picking up the point. The gyroscopic compasses which are used do not change their axis of rotation as they are travelling. If the plane is following the curve, then the gyroscope quickly becomes unworkable.

    So much more … John the Good… sigh

      1. Tom Dalpra

        The idea that the person who was JFK then became Jimmy Carter, is obviously false.

        JFK was six feet tall. Carter is 5 feet 9 inches There’s 3 inches FUCKING difference.
        Don’t think about it too hard. You can tell by looking at photographs of the guys that their respective heights as reported, check out pretty much and with 8 cm difference, you can tell. What did they do , shave the guy’s legs down for the part of Carter so he was a smaller man ? Ha! It’s absolute bollocks.

        Rollo was alright. Russian Vids is at least partially, full of shit.

        1. ab Post author

          To be fair, he puts out so much material he’s bound to be wrong sometime. I’m sure I am too.

            1. Tom Dalpra

              Yeah, by attaching this pure nonsense , he devalues anything else he talks about.
              If it isn’t deliberate disinfo it certainly works like that.

              Many people listening to him will see it for the joke it is and turn off from everything else he has to say.
              Those that fall for it will simply make fools of themselves.
              Shit like this is what gives ‘conspiwacy theowists’ a bad name.
              Intentional or not.

        2. Rollo

          Tommy I won’t come looking for a Resume from you champ 🙂
          I wasn’t alright or great …… I was AWESOME!!!!!


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